How To Cultivate The Forest?

How To Cultivate The Forest?

The differences in human beings are the differences in the shades of light. Perhaps, we are all the same -many similarities in individuals – but when it comes to the groups and the dynamics of the groups, they function differently. For example, we all have brains, muscles, a tongue, but we generate different languages, we process differently and the logic among different nations is varied.

Culture, traditions, religion, belief and even the driving are some of those visible differences.

The differences are essential to grow different skills, different flavours and tastes. The differences means resourcefulness. Means rainbow, different colours but harmonious.

Harmony doesn’t mean the whole orchestra plays the same melody, but to develop synchrony out of the different and the similar voices. A forest is not a compound of dominance of one type of plants but it’s a sanctuary of coexistence, tolerance and harmony. A set of capabilities that are hardly observed in modern humans.

In the last few centuries, we have only focused on the differences – as not like us hence is bad – between the societies, and that focus has been the cause of many clashes.
Based on the differences, the derogatory language has evolved and it’s become normalised among people to make some nations feel superior and condescend others.

One of the normalised word that everyone uses it today carelessly, is ab-original which originally was supposed to mean not original. [perhaps aboriginal was created  as not an original human being at the first encounter of Anglo-Saxos with indigenous people, and because  they didn’t look alike they called themselves original in the contrast with the indigenous people] – even though they changed the definition in the dictionaries as indigenous to make this word politically correct, it doesn’t make such an abnormal word more normal!

The other term is the third world and even worse than that, primitive. What makes a nation primitive? In my observation, the internet and tourism has changed many cultures enormously and many people these days are Aboriginal, meaning not original to their roots anymore.
But I would like to investigate some of these derogatory but normalised words including third world, primitive, and undeveloped nations:

Primitive nations pollute their cities,towns and their nature. Pollution is ugly and disgraceful!

Those who don’t respect the laws and each other’s rights. Even if the law is unjust, breaking it only causes chaos.

An evolved nation though would try to change the law and not to break it.

The nation of primitives, doesn’t wear seatbelts, drives in crazy ways as if they are the rulers of the roads and endangers the life of others and themselves, then blames the roads for being unsafe!

The nation of hypocrites who restricts the freedom of their family and others then goes onto the streets to protest and to complain about the lack of freedom.

The nation who justifies white lies. Lying is the root of corruption. And it has nothing white about it.

The folks of hoarders! Hoarding Mortgages, foreign and crypto currencies, gold etc and call themselves smart, futuristic and provident, and not roleplayers to cause inflation, then they blame others for the economical anarchy.

The nation with a separation between educated and uneducated. In these nations the educated ones feel superior and entitled and not humbled and privileged. And, they expect to be served because they carry a title – no justification  for a 20 grand and more  per surgery – they are nothing but pretentious hollows who dissemble as nice sounding wooden flutes while they are only pieces of broken rusty water pipes.

The undeveloped nations are those who only expect from the others, expect from the parents, friends, colleagues, bosses and the government! They expect others to do everything for them and for the society, and then they blame and blame and endlessly blame everyone else for all shortcomings but themselves!

A backward nation is the one who encourages the hierarchy in the society! Upper class and Peasants. A nation who chooses and supports a government who spends the tax money to privatise, the roads, the education, the health system. A primitive government builds new roads, then privatises the roads and makes them accessible only for the rich and those who can afford to pay. It’s primitive to call the army the defence force while they are so aggressive towards other countries. It’s, primitive to spend the tax money on building new weapons and the war technology!

The distorted nation is the one who is run by the media and the bullshit flown in the society.  And people don’t bother to think! And the media even creates a Fact-Check department for the nation of blindfolded followers, to make their lies more believable. I don’t understand why they bother though, because people believe them regardless.

The nation of confusion, confused between advanced and primitive, confused between safe experiments vs dangerous  extravaganza of greed. Those who keep experimenting with genetics, in plants, animals, viruses and SECRETLY release them to the UNDEVELOPED world. ” I just read about a new specious of a mammal which was traced in a forest in Thailand.” Another transgenic experiment! Another Liger and Tigon.” And they cleverly change the textbooks and even the history books. Because they are very advanced in lying and deception.

I am not worried about nature including the fashionable topic of these days– the climate change – because it is connected to the able system of Asha – The holy spirit.
And that’s how nature protects itself.

My only concern is about the forest of humanity which is turning into a barren desert.

The only ones who suffer here the most, are we. With phrases such as stupidity ( we call it genius or cleverness) and indulgence ( we call it adventure) , and for the satisfaction of the uncontrolled desire, we hurt ourselves and other creatures.  It means, of course, our time is going to be wasted, as well as our opportunity for doing good but, nature will eventually rescue itself DOUBTLESSLY!

Let’s leave all our man-made civilisation for a year unattended and see how nature will redeem itself.

What I would like to conclude here is;

I am not writing to focus on our differences to take us apart but to discover the similarities and become closer till we become all connected, grow together, and cultivate and propagate the forest of humanity to the length of the numbers of mankind! 

Today, there is not a clear line between advanced and primitive nations anymore. All nations have a bit of both. What makes a real impact, is that you and I, work together and also individually. We stop blaming and keep working. [And ask yourself what work is required?] That is how we connect our hearts and souls to the holy spirit -Asha. That is how our forest thrives!


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