Dancing On The Waves

Dancing On The Waves

Trough and crest, the pulse
Comes from the ocean, the heart.
The sound of the waves,
The best of the melodies. The rhythm of life.

The waves are like butterflies.
Their flapping wings,
Reflecting the light,
The amusement of the colours.

I wish the gravity wasn’t so jealous
And allowed us to dance over the flying waves.
Dance with the happy droplets, slide on the cheering foams.
But the selfish gravity wants everything for itself.

Hoooooooom phoooooooo
Hoooooooom phoooooooo
The sound of your breath.
Let’s dive into the ocean.

In your soft arms,
Next to your bosom,
Where the gravity is asleep
Let’s go for a swing.

Dancing is freedom
No rules in the kingdom,
Forward backward then fling,
Jump and fly, no cling.

A dance in the realm of dreams,
Among the elephants and the deer,
No step is ever wrong
We are so coordinated and aligned.

Dancing over the soft wave,
Harmonious and brave.
Our hands collide and twist
Through troughs and crests.



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