Goodness and Asha

Goodness and Asha

Goodness, which is not aligned with the universal wisdom, Asha, is not better than cruelty.

A mother force-fed a sick child because of the goodness which involves all three goods; words, deeds and thought.

A husband secretly watches porn to avoid cheating on his wife. He doesn’t harm anyone and he thinks he is following the three levels of goodness.

A child lies to their parents to protect them from knowing the sad news and he thinks his life is aligned with the three goods.

A clergy man, encourages his flock to follow the order of the politicians and he thinks his doing good for them.

A scientist publishes half true data and doesn’t talk about the half false because she assumes the society benefits more from the half true.

A manager sacrifices her staff for the extra benefit of the corporate. She is loyal to its company and thinks she is doing good for a bigger number of people. In her mind she is following the good words,thoughts and deeds.

A politician deceives people, tricks the society, goes to a war because he thinks he sees a big picture and is doing good for a sustainable future. In his mind, he is following the three goods too.

In the scenarios above, we assumed those people genuinely don’t know, even though, a philanderer ( even in mind) and a liar must feel they are doing something wrong. Furthermore, because of the nature of some jobs it’s hard to believe they are aligned with goodness for instance how can you be good and organically climb up the ladder of corporate? How can you be sincere and become a politician? How can you be honest and thrive as a lawyer, a pharmacist a real estate agent or a car dealer?

Goodness alone, without the wisdom of the universe, Asha, is just an assumption.

Asha, is the harmony. The synchronisation with the light and the vibration, The origin.

Like the light and the vibration, to reach Asha, required a heartily quest.

Religions or cultures created different pathways, for instance regular praying, meditation, sacrifices etc, though over the years, most of the followers, only following without understanding the purpose hence they will never get there.

Furthermore, a lot of people reach out to the divine realms only when they are in a crisis.

Asha is not found in crisis and is not found in science nor philosophy. Indeed is not found anywhere manmade. Though it is everywhere. Asha is not earned by sitting down and doing nothing but required to work hard. We are surrounded by it. Like oxygen in the ocean. But without gills we never survive.

How to find Asha?

The first step is to be sincere with the heartily quest.

Then to be available and accepting. Use our tools unbiased. Open up our vessel entirely. See what is seeable and not what we expect to see.

Don’t be a guliabe believer but an inquisitive, a true seeker. Don’t leave a single stone unturned. Meaning: ask questions.
A good question, doesn’t have one answer, but generates a new question, then another one and another one. Googling is not asking questions.

Then devotion, “a big dive to the ocean”, required Discipline and Determination. Asha is hard work, laziness makes our vision foggy. A lazy person lacks self-respect and never finds Asha.

With Devotion one makes achievement then accomplishment.

Connecting the dots is an achievement. And forming a pattern is accomplishment.

Nine dots can be considered as an achievement. And ninety nine achievements form an accomplishment.

With achievements and accomplishments, we can discover our limitations and expand our boundaries but, the majority of people use these to earn fame but the truth, to make money but the wisdom and that means being in the ocean without the gills. Death, is imminent.

Nothing wrong with earning money if it’s the byproduct and not the only product. Nothing is wrong with fame if it’s a sideline of being surrounded with true friends and not earned by the advertisement and the virtual lies.

Life is an illusion and it is also real depending on which level of being one lives and considers life. We are the product of our decisions. Infact, life is full of choices. An infinite number of choices. That creates chaos. When everyone has an infinite number of choices putting them all together, results in chaos. The result of fairness and equality.

Hence, setting up the priorities is crucial. We can’t expect tomatoes to harvest if we plant potatoes.

And along the path, Goodness, must be the only purpose. Not a deceptive goodness, not a half goodness, not a biased goodness, and not a conditioned goodness. Three levels Goodness, pure, loud and clear.

I know our world is full of ugliness, cruelty to humans, animals and nature. A lot of essential pillars of society are based on greed, manipulation, control and lies including economics, science, medicine, politics, education, media etc. but as I wrote in ” The Light And The Vibration“, we are only an illusion, some of us take the games which are only for the entertainment, very seriously, indeed they take themselves so seriously.
What I know, we all, have the same root, same origin. We can be better to each other if we want to, we can achieve harmony, we can create a peaceful forest if we want to. But first, we have to stop running. Our society encourages us to run tirelessly. We get trapped in the games of mortgage, credit card debts, the lie games of media and the social media etc and we are told the only way to play these games is to run. When we are running we can’t see, we can’t observe and can’t process.

Then, when we were about to kick out of the circus, because of the debts or incompetence, we remember that we heard from somewhere that in disasters there is God to beg for.

I promise, God or spirituality is not found in the manmade games of miseries. If you don’t know the rules of the games, the best game to play is Not To Play and leave God out of that.

And God is nothing but The Origin, the light and the vibration as we are.
Find Asha and Goodness, you won’t be too far away from the origin. That’s my promise.
To you and to myself.


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