Is Today, The Day?

Is Today That Day?

“Is today the day? ”
I ask this question every day.

I know, this universe is so resourceful.
And I know life, has been and  is so generous;

So, if my spirit is thirsty, if I am longing, It’s not because I’ve fallen out of heaven!

Maybe I need further growth?
Maybe my soul needs cleansing?

Maybe the other soul also requires preparation? Maybe the stars are not aligned yet and the skillful eyes required reading our horoscope with care?

Plato said:
“The best of the lovers is the one who changes you.”

And my interpretation of this quote is:

Someone in tuned with my vibe.
Someone with values.
Someone caring and kind.
Someone who can show me the unseen.
Someone who adores me and tends to learn from me too.
Growing together means learning.
Learning brings the wings.
Flying to the limits,
Where the boundaries meet.

When I see the world around me, the world of imperfections, lies, everything’s online and full of deceptions where, everything is an option – hopelessly I ask: “In the world of artificial pearls, what’s the point of deep diving in search of a real pearl, My Pearl?” – I know that day never comes.

Though the world I live in is full of fantasies, flying elephants and miracles.

Is today, that day?


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