The Light and The Vibration

The Light and The Vibration

Light brings colours, visualisation and depth to our imagination. Also deception and temptations.

We see because we have a tool to see, as we have a tool to hear, smell and so on and then our brain processes and makes sense of what we have sensed which is not exactly the same as the real seeing or hearing or smelling etc. but the interpretations.

What are we? Where are we from and where are we heading to?

To answer these questions, let’s become a little philosophical.

Science and mathematics start with the assumptions so let’s start with one here.

Let’s say, the framework of the universe is the vibration and its body is the light.

An atom is the visualisation of the framework and its body.

Though not all the atoms are the same.
One is floating and light, the other is heavy and warm and based on what they are, they reflect vibration and light differently. Although, the reflection has some elements of its origin, it is not as pure as the original.

Atoms join each other to make molecules.
Molecules bind to make larger molecules.
Depending on the grid whether it is automated or not,
Life and still, cells and objects appear.

Cells have their own sensory devices.
They sense and respond.
They, communicate with each other, make decisions and even end their lives if needs be.

Cells get together and form organs like stones that get together forming a mountain and the droplets forming an ocean.

Each organ senses, feels and responds and creates functions.

Then certain organs join together and form us.
We feel, sense, respond and have functions.

When one sees a castle, hardly can see a brick. Alas, a brick doesn’t have the imagination of a creative architect.¬†

We are a gigantic structure, still made of atoms, still the vibration and the light. Though made of different atoms. One has more aggressive atoms and one has softer ones.

We are still the vibration and the light we call them love and hope.

The light we see when we are in the darkness and the warmth we feel in our heart when we are tuned in.

And then the gigantic construction may not end here.

Cells of each organ are like the creatures of different species while each of us are the skin cells, worms are the neurons, birds are the muscles and plants are the lungs.

Maybe we are, all the existence on this planet and the whole stars and germs we see in the sky, part of a mega gigantic construction with different senses and functions. And maybe many of these mega gigantic creatures exist. And maybe they form even mega-mega gigantic ones etc, but does it really matter for how many folds this body grows?

Saadi, the Persian poet and philosopher, more than nine centuries ago said
“Human beings are members of one body, in creation of one essence and soul.”

But perhaps what he said was a metaphor and what I am saying is literal!

The more complicated the machine is, the more deceptive it becomes. Hydrogen is closer to the vibration and the light, than Francium.

A mountain is solid and dark, then a volcano melts the stones and brings fire and the quake to tell us don’t be deceived, it’s alive.

We have eyes and ears to see and feel light and vibration. But they have limitations.

With our eyes we see fire and not the light. What we see is just a sample. The real light can’t be seen by eyes or any telescopes.

With our ears we hear a noise and not the melody.
The real voice can’t be heard by ears or any loudspeakers.

What are we then?

If you ask a heart cell what you are, it probably responds that it is a miserable factory doing all the different tasks days and nights with no purpose. It is probably aware of the existence of the surrounding cells. Also knows sometimes messages come from the other part of the universe. It probably calls the messages from the brain or the adrenal gland, the messages from the aliens!

We are not more important than any atoms or cells. The only difference is, the more intelligent we are, the more complicated the shows become.

One is a hunter and the other is hunted. It’s a show for entertainment. Welcome to the world of the magician who splits fire and kills the wind. Who can tear the fire apart or silence the wind, apart from an illusionist? And who believes it apart from children?

So perhaps we should stop asking this pointless question!

We are only a perception and death is an illusion. We are from nowhere and we are not going anywhere. 

No matter if we see ourselves as a mega atomic container or as a flattering intelligent self, capable of making art and philosophy, able to invent machines, who assume discovered or invented religions, someone who thinks, or thinks that think, someone with greed who creates wars, politics, laws, a man who discovered healing, creates systems and society, talks about morals, karma, good and bad, no matter as which self we see ourselves, the bottom-line is if we don’t see the light and the vibration, we are only a black-hole where the light and the vibration are trapped!

The message is very vague, isn’t it?
Let’s elaborate further:

At any level we exist, there is order even though we formulate it as entropy. There is still order in chaos, but the observer’s eyes require to recognise that.

Every single hydrogen atom is exactly the same, may behave differently in different mediums but it always contains an electron and a proton. As every molecule of water is the same and contains two hydrogen and an oxygen. Rules exist, any games must have a rulebook don’t they?
If the basis of the universe was chaos, none of these text books in science could have existed, though alchemy exists so is teleportation and telepathy. Yoga and Tai Chi are the representations of how far man can bend the rules of the game of visual life, but first, depending on which level one pursues the existence, one needs to comprehend the rules fully. The pain only exists on the human level but not at the atomic level and certainly not when one sees the origin.

From all said above, I can formulate a path to see the light and the vibration. First we need to understand that our interactions with ourselves, others and our surroundings is only part of a show. I am not saying we are in a matrix, no, life is real with an infinite number of choices, so is the show. But don’t take it seriously! It’s just a game for our entertainment.

Second, recognise the differences. Human intelligence is not universal. One is smarter than the other, one can play music and the other is an athlete. One makes money in a second and the other is poor. Human appearance and physical or mental capabilities are not the same either. That is the difference in the existence which brings different shades of colours and it shouldn’t make one feel superior to others or vice versa.

One of the most beautiful rules of life is that
everyone produces and passes excrement and emiction, on a daily basis, if lucky, even the most beautiful person on this planet, even the billionaires, kings and queens, to remember that we are ultimately a bag of shit and we have to handle it ourselves, if lucky! And still a lot of people want to be proud of themselves and show it off to the others and unfortunately not me nor anyone else could change that, but understanding the fact that these games of politics, economics, media, war, etc, ultimately is a mouse and cat game, brings peace to my heart!

Third, despite the differences, there is one similarities¬† among all, and everyone and everything can recognise that, I call it the principle rule of the universe, in order and chaos and that is:” GOODNESS, a universal alignment to the light and the vibration!”

We don’t need ten commandments to know the good from the bad. Every creature, even nature recognises Goodness and responds back.

Do whatever you like to do in life, play any games you desire, but be Good to yourself and your surroundings! Be good in Thoughts, Deeds and Words. I have no doubt, on this path, we will eventually see and BECOME the light and the vibration. We’ll reach the origin. WE’LL BECOME THE ORIGIN.

Though this is just a plan. The construction has to start elsewhere.

Asha is another quest. 


Edited: 16/05/2024

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A true seeker, a real scientist, is like a transparent glass, sees what is seeable to them and shares them with the others without any deviation or twist, to help them to see what they see and I hope I did the same. If any of the initial assumptions are wrong, then the whole science and mathematics around them will be incorrect too. Our inquisitiveness though, will never end, it will carry on until the next conjecture and the next hypothesis arises.