The Global Nation of Glorification!

The Global Nation of Glorification!

The new beginning
Starts with not to glorify
Being down in the mud,
Where I smelled the sewage,
Where I was too high to smell.
To feel the pain I caused
To myself and to the others!

The society of glorification!
Glorifying coolness:
By being a single parent, a surrogate mother, a donating father, hiring a womb, purchasing sperms! It’s cool to be a yummy mummy!
By being gay or being bi or I; Non-Binary! Adversity, open-mindedness. It’s cool to hold a flag!
By being a junky; come now, it’s an organic healer!┬áit’s cool to be stoned! Trainspotting!
By being a slut; what’s wrong with ONS?it’s liberating, no strings attached!
By being online; stop talking to the strangers on the street your mum says, it’s safer through our algorithm! it’s cool to become a product!
By being passive aggressive! It’s trendy to ghost. No need to answer every message! It’s cool to ignore!

When one loses the base camp
of the morals and the senses,
It’s when one is defeated!
The society of glorification,
The glorified coolness,
Is the falling civilisation!

Everyone is talking.
Talking about humanity
About caring and love,
About freedom and equality.
When I am defeated,
These are only words
Glorifying words!
To make us feel good and
Forget what we have become!


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Disclaimer: I have no problems whatsoever with any of the listed attributions above. Only questioning the glorification of the topics and causing confusion for a lot of lost souls.