The Honourable Game of Cricket!

The Honourable Game of Cricket!

The peace we have in our first world countries, is at the cost of those in wars. They pay the price, with their wealth and their lives!

We splurge on food, clothes, cars and the real estates with ransom we took from their countries and while those people grow beards and are unwashed. They aren’t worth a penny! We call them uneducated and savage! We are a very responsible nation, the nation of first world countries! We decide to bring civilisation to their countries by bombing them and killing those with beards as well as those who stick to their traditions and cultures. Their lives aren’t worth a penny but the mission of exporting civilisation is a costly mission and of course they have to pay the cost with their wealth and their lives for a better future!

We take our new culture of maybe two centuries to the old world of thousands of years and we cause conflicts and we blame them for being primitive, and of course they have to pay the cost for our presence in their world with their wealth and their lives for a better future!

For the grace of God – because we are very God fearing – we bring some of them here to our modern countries, then we bully them to follow our culture – of course we don’t bully anyone, society does, we even have laws against bullying – and we make examples of how supportive we are and how lucky they are to experience the modernity in our countries.
After this pleasant experience , if they decide not to go back to their home, because we have bombed their countries and their home is nothing but rubble, our media shows them as a biggest threat to our civilisation!

One hour salary of labour, even cleaning the toilets, in our modern world is as equivalent as their monthly payment of even an engineer, how savage they are!
And have you ever asked why?
Their countries are full of natural wealth, gems, oil and resources, it means they must have a proper back up for a stronger economy, and surprisingly our currency is stronger, but how?
Because of the colour of our skin of course!

Our money is dipped in sweat and blood of those we are in war with. We worked for two centuries to grow extremism in their countries and destroy all their infrastructure and  also to make sure we didn’t allow them to establish any new developments by the aid of our ancient motto ” divide and rule” and by  destroying the long standing monarchies and replacing them with corrupt governments under the name of democracy. But we are very conscientious! We are bombing them to make sure we expand our modernity by making them honoured to play cricket with us! And not only that, we generously, every now and then donate some of the money we steal from them to some charities for the tax reasons!

It’s a sad story, I know! And I hope you remember this too! Those people you see during the political campaigns, are devils, and if you don’t want to be one of them, please don’t ever gloat about how civilised we are, we are too far from such a word! Don’t blame the world for disturbing the peace, and look closer to home.


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