Ulterior Motives!

Ulterior Motives!


The Maslow’s pyramid of needs
Consists of greed and needs.
It is a deceiving tool!
It is not a cryptic path
Towards Transcendence.

Based on the pyramid,
The journey starts
With the basic needs
Then it goes up
Passes the station of love
To reach up to the top
The Transcendence!

Being is a state,
And comes in multilevel.
From primitive infant
Crawling up the ladder.
Though not always a climb
Sometimes we dig a hole
And go downwards.

Having sex differs from making love.
We mostly use others
To fill them with our lust
And we call it love!

We become greedy in sex.
We become greedy in love, Lust I mean.
The same as power,
The same as money.
And that’s primitive.

Having expectations,
Greed and needs
Are primitive and not even close to
The Transcendence.

Some mixes up
Greed with a drive.
The drive starts with discerning
The qualities and the potentials.

Drive to derive.
To actualise the potentials.
No ulterior motive,
No need to patent.
No greed is required.

Changing the state of being
Is hard, we mostly stay in one.
Transition is hard.

You can’t fake it.
You don’t create it.
You only know it,
When you get there.

And what I know,
I am sad and confused
In a limbo
In the middle of nowhere
Not here nor there.


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