The Story of the Miseries of Mr and Mrs Controller.

A Sad but a True Story, Lest We Forget!

The Story of the Miseries of Mr and Mrs Controller.

One day, not long ago,
The sun was shining, the sky was blue.
But it felt like, layers of clouds, covered the world. The dark cloud of ignorance with the shade of greed and control.

There was a family,
With the members who didn’t share blood or maybe  did, who knows,
But evil for sure, was the common factor among them all.


During the years of the darkness, when the dictators -the iron fist of the tyrants- were in charge, and their guarddogs with the frightening sharp teeth were unleashed. When the force of their control was unbearable and the group’s ignorance was on the highest level; one morning I couldn’t breathe. I was on my own, isolated, and couldn’t breathe. But, as if I was on a loud speaker in front of the forever open eyes of “the big brother”!

I said:

“It feels like we are in the concentration camp, waiting for our lethal injection”.

And I heard:

“Don’t be dramatic”!

It was the SURVIVOR, Mr Pfizer, and he was very angry. As they always are. As if the whole world is always in debt to them. As they keep claiming their never ending ransom. Though they are  not to blame, they are only spoiled children.

Then he shouted:
“Have you ever been in a war? Have you been punished because of your race?”

Aw, here you go again! I whispered. How many times we have to hear the same ancient story. Look at the world you have created for us today, based on your fabled or not fabled history! What it is today, is hell!

Then I cried out:
“We have been in a never ending war. Only blame God for our misery”.

I pondered:
“Aren’t wars supposed to be between good and bad.
What if we got it all wrong and no brightness was involved at all?
What if, it was the darkness all along, which was whining for more bloodshed- pretended and disguised – and was blaming others for all the chaos it caused itself (the old trick) because it wanted to start a new war? And keep iterating the old trick again and again and again!?

In the millennium of charade, in the era of pretend science, technology and space, everything is a trick by smoke and mirrors:

And humans created God and then God created a virus. “

They didn’t want to let go, as they wanted to make sure either I was unheard and stumbled  among the flood of false information  and false advertisements, or they bullied the public by their manipulative media and made them to silence me with their own ignorance. Hence, The SURVIVOR, Mr Google, advocated:

This is not a lethal injection you moron, it is a gate to freedom”.

And the other SURVIVOR, Mr Facebook, excitedly shouted to make sure he emphasised on their truthfulness of their message:

“We are all going to party and share our TRUE stories again”.

The world was dominated fully and it was fooled by the fears and fibs. It was governed by a nauseating silence and it was among the years of the darkness. It wasn’t a long time ago. It may happen again. No doubt it will!

I murmured:
“You write the history as you always did, and this time you make sure *no survivors* remain to pass on and Broadcast what you did to mankind”.

Then I discerned that privacy was a joke when everyone held a camera and microphone with a not very smartly smart-phone.
Mr media, not a SURVIVOR, but a good friend of THE SURVIVORS, and maybe the worst of the lots, broadcast:

“We will make sure to keep a clean and comprehensive record of news and history for the future, as we have always done it up to date”.

The family of lies, greed and control, are the loyal descendants of Mr and Mrs Controller.
The rootless gate holder of the family, also called Gates, created a virus in the virtual world, then tried to bring his children’s toys to the actual world. “Where is better than Africa? He ingeniously thought ? “Let’s call it a charity. People always falli g for nice words, even though, it’s only a cover for vanity.”

Mr and Mrs Controller always needing victims, always bringing no light but only corruption.
Don’t be fooled by the way they look. They are all well dressed and all have royal or academic or prestigious titles.
But they are the most miserable ones too.

They never get excited by the jingles of the ice cream van.
Their hearts are never enraptured for love and never see joy.
They are never exuberated  by the smell of good bread, never feel the delight of gratefulness.
They are always insatiably hungry, unsatisfied and poor, the sad miserable family of the lost souls.

The family is still out there. And you are, the victims. By choice!
And I decided not to be.
I told you this story, because I wanted you to remember. This story was about the time the world was dominated and it was fooled by the fears and fibs. It was governed by a nauseating silence and it was among the years of the darkness. It wasn’t a long time ago and it may happen again. No doubt, it will!

I warn you about it:

Lest we forget!

The control comes when you submit to it.
You become intimidated and helpless.
Life without dignity, not worth living.

They play repetitive games, and you play along.
One day the terrorist threats,
One day the financial threats,
One day the health threats,
One day the identity threats,
One day the mortgage threats,
One day wars and life threats,
One day the climate threats,
I am sure one day soon will be the alien threats.
Because they have the power to control your mind.
And you believe anything they say, hopelessly! Because they are called experts and you are too lazy to learn.

Remember fear is an illusion, danger is real. They only create fear in the shape of danger.

The solution is very simple, stop listening or watching or following their media and social media.
Be aware of your own ignorance.
Then they will be out of your life.
Until they find another chain to lock you with.
Only and only if you fall for it.

I have seen the face of evil. I see it every day.
Open your eyes.
You get to see them too.

And when you see them, only remember, they are part of the family of Mr and Mrs Controller. They are miserable and diseased. Don’t fall for the way they look look. Don’t become their victim. Only pray for their souls. Because they are the forsaken bulls.


Revisited and edited

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