Utopia is where you live,
It’s the vast field of lavender where I smell the scent of your hair.

It is the city of sophistication,
Where your electric smile, invigorating, yet darkens any light.

It’s the ocean’s water,
Like your milky skin, sensational, yet heals any wounds.

Utopia is the bed,my sanctuary,
where the comfort of your arms, exuberating yet eases any roughs.

Utopia is somewhere
My heart is placed.

The world of Utopia,
Is the realm of hope.

In my utopian world
No need for a change.

The first words of the day,
Are the same as the last words of the day.

Gratitude for seeing a new day,
Thankfulness for living another day.

In my utopian world
No need for a change.

It’s all about connections,
The only thing that matters is appreciation.

Connecting with self and surroundings conscientiously,
Appreciating the gifts of breath, brain and muscles assiduously.

In my utopian world,
I am a romantic builder.

I’ve built a mansion full of attractions,
With the ballrooms and no pretention.

The mansion of multiple rooms,
The beds are clouds and the sheets of the petals of roses.

We make love days and nights,
And no bed will be slept in twice.

Utopia is somewhere
My heart is placed.

Till the day you arrive,
I count shooting stars and not only at night.

My heart is the mansion,
The mansion of certainty.

Utopia is not a fantasy,
But living purposefully.

Where I am standing, on top of the turret,
I can see the world. I can see the moon even in the day light.

And I know you are not far.
Neither the field, the ocean nor Utopia.


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