SelfPubAus has been set up by several writers who have banded together magnetically and naturally through the force of  admiring each other’s work. Plus we all have different skill sets that seemed to constellate as we started talking about a website for emerging writers – a website that wasn’t going to take you by the throat and ask for your credit card before you flicked the first web page. You can contact us here: [email protected]

Each of us has writing backgrounds – journalism, editing, corporate communications etc and between us have written and edited millions of words. That’s where the commonality ends – we all met in the same writers group, each of us in the thick of producing very different types of literary offerings.

So this is what the website is about and how it has come about. Meetings and ideas have been held by email (all of us hugely busy), wanting to share what we keep learning and already know about publishing and getting your work out there.