Rymos is the matryoshkas of stories, poems and philosophical essays. Though the inner doll sometimes is twice as large, only the deep imagination  and the literary magics can fit that inside the belly of the babushka. His shortest story as ” Your eyes are beautiful when they see” can be as dull as it reads or it can be a book about the man’s misery.

Rymos likes to tell you something. Something original and untold.

Articles by Ryan…

A Battle Against Laziness & The Encouraged Stupidity 

A Battle Against Laziness & The Encouraged Stupidity I am inviting myself and whoever reads this to practise some offline existence. This exaggerated world of digital is an uncontrolled madness. Before, I was writing because I could, now everyone thinks they write because of the aid of  the internet and ... Read More

Shamefulness Occurs When Pleasure Costs.

Shamefulness occurs when pleasure costs. God is happy when we laugh. The essence of life is pleasure. Sharing the fun prolongs the rapture. Satisfaction means less is enough. Indulgence means more is insufficient. Indulgence is excessiveness, kills the excitement and darkens the heart. Some find the joy in nice music, ... Read More

That Uncertainty Is Worse Than Ignorance.

That Uncertainty Is Worse Than Ignorance! When one is shown the love but he still is not certain, That uncertainty is worse than ignorance. One who doesn't know, Knows nothing any better. Asha, is the bottle full of wisdom Filled in with the milk of love by God himself. The ... Read More

891 Continuous Days of Gratitude

891 Continuous Days of Gratitude In my office, on the table of "achievements towards accomplishment",  I wrote that thinking positively for nine days would be considered as an achievement, but why? Because I have learnt no right is coming out of thinking negatively or whinging. Complaining, brings even more negativity ... Read More

A World Full Of Strangers

A World  Full of  Strangers Our innocence has been lost! A long time ago. In the world that everything and everyone  is an option, this world is the world full of strangers. A stranger never stays, and there are always strangers. Our innocence has been lost in the world of ... Read More

Curiosity and Excitement Lead To The Fire and Storm

Curiosity and Excitement Lead To The Fire and Storm Dating requires excitement and curiosity. Being mysterious doesn't cause curiosity, it creates fatigue. * If curiosity and excitement - either / or - don't exist, don't waste each other's time unless you are a player, then you know what you are ... Read More

Dancing On The Waves

Dancing On The Waves Trough and crest, the pulse Comes from the ocean, the heart. The sound of the waves, The best of the melodies. The rhythm of life. The waves are like butterflies. Their flapping wings, Reflecting the light, The amusement of the colours. I wish the gravity wasn't ... Read More

How To Cultivate The Forest?

How To Cultivate The Forest? The differences in human beings are the differences in the shades of light. Perhaps, we are all the same -many similarities in individuals - but when it comes to the groups and the dynamics of the groups, they function differently. For example, we all have ... Read More

The Honourable Game of Cricket!

The Honourable Game of Cricket! The peace we have in our first world countries, is at the cost of those in wars. They pay the price, with their wealth and their lives! We splurge on food, clothes, cars and the real estates with ransom we took from their countries and ... Read More


Utopia Utopia is where you live, It's the vast field of lavender where I smell the scent of your hair. It is the city of sophistication, Where your electric smile, invigorating, yet darkens any light. It's the ocean's water, Like your milky skin, sensational, yet heals any wounds. Utopia is ... Read More

Is Today, The Day?

Is Today That Day? "Is today the day? " I ask this question every day. I know, this universe is so resourceful. And I know life, has been and  is so generous; So, if my spirit is thirsty, if I am longing, It's not because I've fallen out of heaven! ... Read More

The Story of the Miseries of Mr and Mrs Controller.

A Sad but a True Story, Lest We Forget! The Story of the Miseries of Mr and Mrs Controller. One day, not long ago, The sun was shining, the sky was blue. But it felt like, layers of clouds, covered the world. The dark cloud of ignorance with the shade ... Read More

Goodness and Asha

Goodness and Asha Goodness, which is not aligned with the universal wisdom, Asha, is not better than cruelty. A mother force-fed a sick child because of the goodness which involves all three goods; words, deeds and thought. A husband secretly watches porn to avoid cheating on his wife. He doesn't ... Read More

The Cost of Happiness

The Cost of Happiness. When joy strikes And life is abundant No need for a diamond Or a palace to be It. Only a fiver or less. Happiness could be dead cheap If you are a heart-rich. Rymos 17/05/2024 [email protected] ... Read More

The Light and The Vibration

The Light and The Vibration Light brings colours, visualisation and depth to our imagination. Also deception and temptations. We see because we have a tool to see, as we have a tool to hear, smell and so on and then our brain processes and makes sense of what we have ... Read More

What Is Your Question?

What Is Your Question? Birds are chanting loudly. Talking about the taste of their New find, And we just hear a melody. Ants are chatting quietly. Telling each other about the New route, And we hear nothing. My neighbour is talking to her son. Their language is Foreign, New, And ... Read More

Ulterior Motives!

Ulterior Motives! The Maslow's pyramid of needs Consists of greed and needs. It is a deceiving tool! It is not a cryptic path Towards Transcendence. Based on the pyramid, The journey starts With the basic needs Then it goes up Passes the station of love To reach up to the ... Read More


Revenant! What a day was today! I saw an isthmus to purgatory today. The sky was a waterfall. The sun was lost among the uncertainties, The clouds were misty and mysterious. I danced naked under the cleansing waterfall with the only music heard. All at once, I saw a bridge ... Read More

A Gardener is Needed!

A Gardener is Needed! In a paper no-one reads There was an ad one day: "A gardener is needed, who must be Selfless and grateful with a caring touch." The garden contains delicate plants Full of bees buzzing around. The plants are benevolence and mercy The scented sap of the ... Read More

The Global Nation of Glorification!

The Global Nation of Glorification! The new beginning Starts with not to glorify Being down in the mud, Where I smelled the sewage, Where I was too high to smell. To feel the pain I caused To myself and to the others! The society of glorification! Glorifying coolness: By being ... Read More

The Country of Prosperity!

"In memory of the lost lives." The Country of Prosperity. The country of the golden beaches, The earthy heaven with the brightest days. Man could have been free and happiest in this land forever, Where they could celebrate life, love and joy. This land is blessed with no enemies Though ... Read More

The Nuance of Love Languages!

The Nuance of  Love Languages! She made herself comfortable in his arms and asked enthusiastically: Tell me, am I the love of your life? He replied calmly while his eyes followed the rays of the setting sun: No. She lifted herself on her arm and looked at him with shock ... Read More

The Goal of Life…

The Goal of Life ... The goal of life is to live it pitilessly and valiantly. Staying away from the worries and sticking to the day to day tasks. Not to become stock with the mundane ones like, devouring, shitting, shagging und Schlaf, but endeavouring the self carved tasks such ... Read More

Maybe The Answer Is In Proteins! Maybe Not!

Maybe The Answer Is in Proteins! Maybe Not! Trust is the key! Trust vs uncertainties! Uncertainties come from fears. Fears are important for survival. Why is survival important when death and predators are inevitable? What are we? Machines to do some tasks for a certain time? Why do we need ... Read More

We Can Create a Garden If You Pause and Think!

We Can Create a Garden If You Pause and Think! Peace is not in battle with war. War is a primitive game of the undeveloped grown up kids. The same as marketing, the same as AI! Don't get fooled by their look! They are diseased, By greed and control The ... Read More

Granted Peace Is a Myth!

Granted Peace Is a Myth! Peace is not granted, it has to be earned. Peace is not in a battle with war. War is a primitive game of the undeveloped grown up kids. The same as marketing, the same as AI! Don't get fooled by their look! They are diseased, ... Read More

A Secret About A Joy Ride!

A secret about a joy ride! When I know, so why I should worry? What if Mowlana was wrong? What if we are designed and capable to reflect God fully without any cloud or darkness? There is always something to be happy about if one wants to focus on the ... Read More

How to Defrost Our Frozen Mind?

How to defrost our frozen mind? The thoughts are as pure water. Clear, achromatic, inodorous and shapeless. Impurity raises where colour, smell or shape appear. Water is soft on the feather of the cruising swans, is the air for the colourful corals, But a blade on the edge of a ... Read More

Chillax Mate!

Chillax Mate! I was in the Aussie outback, where there was no government , no cops, no speed cameras, no internet, no mobile reception, only me and birds, kangaroos and millions of insects throwing themselves to my car to emphasise I was an intruder in their free world! I realised ... Read More

The Dark Art!

The Dark Art! Judgement is only because of the lack of knowledge. Judgement is the dark art! The destroying art: Makes an innocent guilty, Makes us believe based on one's look! The destructive burning force, The judgement is. Nothing JUST comes out of this dark art! No matter if it ... Read More

The Simplicity of Chaos!

The Simplicity of Chaos! I don't create I don't invent I only observe And only borrow Everything is there For anyone who looks For whoever searches Or the true seekers Any good words Or good vibes Or melodic sounds Or ablaze colours All have existed Since God reflected us To ... Read More

Inquisitive or a Fish?

Inquisitive or a Fish? Achievement vs accomplishment Achievements are quantifiable Accomplishment is a certainty. Achievements may or may not lead to accomplishment. Sometimes, achievements only achieve arrogance! Certainty is a gift The same as love Same as liberty This gift is not given to any seekers It's not a promise ... Read More

A Cure for Loneliness!

A Cure for Loneliness! I learnt a very important lesson over the weekend or should I say I remembered a very important lesson and it wasn't possible without the help of friends who weren't only my friends but the messengers to remind me I would never be left alone. Everyone ... Read More

A Doubtful Decision!

A Doubtful Decision! When we doubt, Don't need to make a decision. The doubtful decision is not better than a gamble. That's okay to hold onto uncertainties. And it's part of our learning. Yet once we discern the answer, indecisiveness is weakness and stupidity. Rymos 28/1/2024 [email protected] ... Read More

A Statue with a Heart!

A Status with a Heart! Before you, I was the questions and no answer. Once I met you, you were the only answer and no questions. I'd like to build a statue,  from you and I in one! A Statue with heart! It is you and not only you but ... Read More

Life in a container!

Life in a container! Life is a container, in the size of a bottle or an ocean; the past, the present and the future are all together. Who says the past doesn't exist and the future hasn't come yet? The past, the present and the future are all together, in ... Read More

Hence Love…

Hence Love... For some Love is a fire, burning, brightening and purifying. Sun is a pure fire. And for some Unrequited love is a wounded beast goes to the dark forest and looking to bite and hurt as much as it could. But which one of them is love? Maybe ... Read More

An Anti-war Campaign!

An Anti- war Campaign! The strongest antiwar campaign Stop listening to the news. The only anti financial crisis campaign Stop listening to the news. Lots of problems are created To only make news! News are created To create panic. And when we are panicking We stop thinking. we won't be ... Read More

The referendum day and why I voted Yes!

The referendum day, why did I vote Yes? I just declare, my aim in life is to be aware and avoid ignorance. I certainly voted YES because that is the right thing to do but I also have some questions: What does the referendum question say? “A Proposed Law: to ... Read More

Praise the blind worm!

Praise the blind worm! Worms are the best of us all. They crawl in the dirt Turn the dry and the barren earth To the fertile womb and the soft bed. They move in the dark Work tirelessly and sharp And dig in a dry land To make a water ... Read More

Who would have thought…

Who would have thought... Love is a connection To self reflection. Can't love anyone else Before loving self. Who would have thought Love created so much fear? Fear of loss Losing the obsession! Possessive love Is nothing but a cage. Love is freedom A dancing wind in the kingdom. Love ... Read More

Eos of shiraz

Eos of Shiraz Four days passed by The great equinox. The harvested grapes of rejoice Squeezed into a barrel by choice. The fermented brew Was sealed to grow. The blood will be placed In the vase made of topaz. The droplets of timeless monks Make you both sober and drunk ... Read More

The story of a limping cog!

The story of a limping cog! In the middle of nowhere there was a town. A smokey chimney was telling a story. Wheels, handles and cogs were all working round the clock. Well...truth to be told semi round the clock. All because of, they call him, a limping cog ... Read More

The Pathology of a Relationship

The Pathology of a Relationship In the fairy tales: Love seems pure and white and Affairs sound ugly and dark But in reality: Maybe love is for simpletons And the affair suits the brainiacs. Simpleton and simpleton may fall in love And live happily ever after. Simpleton and brainiac, while ... Read More

Life is not about Seeing but Seeing!

Life is not about seeing But seeing! It's not about righteousness or wickedness But fulfilments. Doesn't matter if you are a believer or an infidel It matters to live the life you have in hand. Life is not about seeing Seeing the similarities! Perspective matters Comparison fails. When you see ... Read More

All about Nothing but My Vanity!

All is Nothing but my Vanity! Knowing stuff is not enlightenment. Enlightenment is a state. You can't make it, you can't fake it, you can't create it. You'll know if and when you get there. And if not, that's a destiny. Rymos 25/06/2023 [email protected] Circular Quay Waiting for P.J. Gratitude is ... Read More

Melody of Synchrony

Melody of Synchrony To see light, Don't need to look for the sun Open the curtains! To see love, Don't need to look for the fire Make the fire! Rymos 06/06/2023 [email protected] ... Read More

Quandary of Happiness

Quandary of Happiness Should I wait till it comes to me Or build it myself? I am an island Waiting for an asylum To land on me? I am a castaway Stuck in an island Waiting for a rescue? Or build my own vessel With bare hands And earn my ... Read More

How to clap with one hand?

How to clap with one hand? You know how to swim But are you a swimmer? You know how to paint But are you a painter? You know how to play a violin But are you a violinist? You know how to live life But are you living the life? ... Read More

Easy Buddy! My Name is Nobody.

Easy Buddy! My Name is Nobody. When I was a child, I was a dreamer. A dream of becoming somebody A man with a desire of changing the world! When I was a teenager, I blamed the elders, For the world's failures. And I knew I was going to change ... Read More

The lost tribe and the universe of concentric circles!

The lost tribe and the universe of concentric circles! I am not sure whether you ever experienced a vision or not. Vision is to see something which is going to happen in the future or at least we assume it is going to happen. In one of the summer days, ... Read More

Asha, the grid of existence and dreams

Asha, the grid of existence and dreams! Asha is the wisdom flows in the universe. We haven't been created and won't be expired, We have been here once the existence formed. Similar to energy, we just changing forms. Life is here with God from eternity to eternity. God, the wisdom, ... Read More


 Inspiration Water seeks it's path Finds pores Empty spaces Fills in the gaps When you listen to Verdi Reading Goethe or Rumi Exploring wind in Van Gough's And compose, write or draw That's not an inspiration But an amusement It's not original But a copy of a masterpiece Inspiration is ... Read More

The anatomy of orgasm

The anatomy of orgasm It starts with an orgasm Then a big wet orgasm Then all becomes about the orgasm! Live the moment they say It's all about the size and shape Nothing to do with love Sexologists say that! It was even in the film* once Everything is true ... Read More

The cycles of life or the deception of age?

In nature age doesn't exist but only cycles. We also go through cycles and age is nothing but a misperception. Age is a stereotypical factor Without any real truth within. And time is only a tool and nothing else. We start with the cycle of dependency Then sensing Then exploring ... Read More

That love is lust!

Self pity is not love. Wanting is far from knowing love; that love is lust. Being is Love! Love is not selective. It fills the gaps between the gravel. It brightens its surroundings. Rymos 02/04/2023 [email protected] ... Read More


Transcendence is where you become transparent, Become water when you want to swim Become wind when you want to swing Become dirt when you want to play with mud Become invisible when you want to make love naked. Rymos 23/03/23 [email protected] ... Read More


I was asked: name an inspiring woman. I didn't even think and replied: of course , she is Eve. And I wasn't joking. Eve was the only woman who put up with Adams nonsense and she also was able to forgive him. She was told that she was made of ... Read More

The castle of happiness

For the castle of happiness every brick counts. Every second of sadness and joy Every encounters Nothing is random, every breath counts When you smile, the birds sing The sky makes love with the sea and the sun is born. When you are grim, the world shivers. The wind stops ... Read More

Is it an Illusion?

This pain is empowering. Sitting in front of the sunset The smell of the sea Without you But Bach... Bach holds my hands And he takes me above the clouds I can taste your lips through this old wine Your arms around me And your soft skin Warms my corpse ... Read More

Divide and rule!

Life is great but don't believe it. The sun is shining, the water is shimmering but don't believe it. People aren't divided, wolves are friendly, but don't believe it. But you must believe this You made their plan a success when you were so scared. And now I am sure ... Read More

Artificial pearls

He said: Let's go for a swim in the ocean. She said: why do we need to go to the ocean when we have a swimming pool? He said: so what's the point of deep diving in the world of artificial pearls? She shrugged her shoulders and said: would that ... Read More

The poem of life!

Life can be a pond surrounded and unmoving Or a flowing river In a never ending moving Is not a decision to be born But to become Is a choice of one To take for a better or worse Life can be dull and boring Though tiny excitements Embedded in ... Read More

Not in this nor in that!

Neither the beginning nor the end Not in this, nor in that I am the world Since I am the one of many and many in one! Rymos 25/01/2022 [email protected] ... Read More

The world of the last Man’s standing!

I am not sad nor lonely. I am the world The world of the last man's standing. They may corrupt the honour, But never a dignity Dignity is a carved gem in my heart If they want to take that away, They may reach to my heart first. When one ... Read More

The game of Gods!

God, gods or a coincidence? ... Read More

Don’t Judge Me!

Don't Judge Me! Once upon a time, There was a piece of paper And some useless pencils, And there was a child, With limited imagination, Holding a pencil without direction. Sketches and doodles, Pointless and meaningless The twisted lines and spirals. Once, a teacher appears, Stands tall and clear. Holds ... Read More

Pain, love and happiness

What is the enemy of peace? Pain Pain is a perception and consequently the reflection to an unpleasant stimulant. Pain is a naughty child seeks attention. Tell it I know you are there But you won't get anything if  you don't behave yourself! What is an unpleasant stimulant? Whatever disturbs the ... Read More

It’s Not Easy To Become A Rebel!

It's Not Easy To Become A Rebel! What size are you? I am slim. What brand are you? I am LV. The smile of Julia Roberts The smell of Johnny Depp How much is that smile? How much for the scent? We pay to wear a logo, We exercise to ... Read More

When you smile…

When you smile, Even the iceberg melts. Maybe you are the cause of this global phenomenon. The global warming. In the world of icy minds Icy faces And frozen hearts Everyone complains about The global warming. Perhaps that's why they make you To wear a mask. To hide your heartwarming ... Read More

My world is bright and brilliant!

In my world no-one is ever out of options. My God is not a God of redemption, punishment and revenge, but The God of fairness kindness and resourcefulness. And God is nothing but the discovery of me within me. The revelation to "The grid of existence" and " The network ... Read More