The Cuban revolution in 1959 presented José Nodar with one of his many life challenges. José was born in La Habana; Cuba and the Cuban revolution saw him get on a plane alone at eleven years of age and arrive at an orphanage in the small town of Washington, Georgia. He did not get to see his parents again until he was eighteen years old and had graduated from high school in Atlanta, Georgia.

He studied Business Administration at Georgia State University. From university, he headed into the finance world working for the First National Bank of Atlanta (now Wells Fargo) and then moved into the financial consulting world working as a project manager, travelling to many assignments in the United States, Europe and Australia.

José began his writing his debut novel after getting his feet wet in creative writing at a writers’ group in Camden New South Wales, Australia. This gave him ‘the bug’ as he calls it and soon his mind created his first major character, Danny Monk, which debuted in 2021 in his novel ‘Books, Pens & Larceny’.

Currently, José is working on an anthology of short stories based on his escapades at the orphanage and other funny life experiences.

When José is not writing you can find him sitting at the local shopping centre mall watching people and getting inspirations for his future characters.

When not in front of his computer working away, José is reading or spending time with his wife in long, leisurely walks around the Camden area.

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