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SelfPubAus is a free information hub and community for people like us who are writing and looking at self-publishing options.

Wherever you are in your book writing journey, come and join the Self Publishing Australia Meetup group or find us on Facebook or LinkedInClick here for a full calendar of relevant events.

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New Writing Group

New Writing Group

Our new SelfPub Aus writing group is being held fortnightly at the Strawberry Hills Hotel ... Read More

Nina Angelo: why I self published

Author Nina Angelo explains why having control was an important factor in her decision to self-publish ... Read More
Meet Gerdette Rooney – Womadic Wanders

Meet Gerdette Rooney – Womadic Wanders

Hear author Gerdette Rooney discuss her book Womadic Wanders at Lane Cove Library on Tues 10 May ... Read More
Weaving Words featured on book podcast

Weaving Words featured on book podcast

The self-published anthology of women's writing, Weaving Words, has been featured in Episode 53 of the Australian Book Lovers podcast ... Read More
SelfPubAus Sydney lunch

SelfPubAus Sydney lunch

Several authors gathered for lunch in Sydney at SelfPubAus's April MeetUp ... Read More
people on marker beside road

SelfPubAus lunch MeetUp – Vapiano, Sydney

Not an April Fool - we're finally holding another MeetUp for Self Publishing Australia on 1st April 2022 ... Read More
The Author Talks: Gerdette Rooney presents Womadic Wanders

The Author Talks: Gerdette Rooney presents Womadic Wanders

Travel author Gerdette Rooney is presenting her book Womadic Wanders at Randwick Library ... Read More
3 harsh truths about publishing

3 harsh truths about publishing

We all have a secret dream of a life where we live wherever we want to in the world - on a beach, in a forest cabin, in the South of France - living a wonderful lifestyle funded by the books we write at our leisure. Sadly, it’s fiction ... Read More
When you buy a book, what influences your purchase?

When you buy a book, what influences your purchase?

What is it that influences you to purchase a book? For me, I like a cover that expresses what the story is about - if it's a thriller, then the cover should convey that feeling to me. Some people need to know more about the story or know the author ... Read More
Book marketing - love it or hate it?

Book marketing – love it or hate it?

Whenever I have spoken with other authors about marketing books, not many of us enjoy this process. We enjoy writing but abhor marketing our titles. For me, as a marketer and web content manager, I thought I would like the process of marketing. In reality, it's a hard slog and ... Read More
Everyone has a book inside them

Everyone has a book inside them

Christopher Hitchens, an American journalist, is quoted as saying this during a conversation with colleagues. Hitchens was known for his sardonic wit. The whole quote (or something similar) is "Everyone has a book inside them, which is exactly where it should, I think, in most cases, remain." ... Read More
book lot on table

How much does it cost to publish a book?

You can publish a book 100% for free, but if you're not confident of having enough technical skills, here's a breakdown of probable costs ... Read More

You are likely looking at this site because you have started writing – or finished writing – a book. You love the process, love what you are doing, but feel a bit wary about what the landscape is like out there. Self-publishing is more accessible than ever, and far less expensive doing it on your own with a little help from your own community. But is it the right option for you? Between us, we have written millions of words – we make a living out of it. Lots of things are happening in publishing. What we find out, we will let you know.  We will post reviews. We will give you honest opinions of what is going on. We also want to hear and share your experiences. So wander in. We will be posting blogs and updates frequently! self-publishing