Small press

If you go with a ┬ásmall press, technically you’re not self-publishing. However there are small publishers in Australia who offer a kind of hybrid service or publishing package that may suit some writers. For example, you may wish to DIY your eBook, but pay someone else to publish the printed version.

Be wary of “vanity publishers” who typically charge thousands of dollars to publish a book, and won’t care about what it is or whether it has been edited. If you’re not concerned about sales and you just want to see your writing in physical print, or give copies to friends and family, then by all means try a vanity publisher if you have money to burn.

But shop around, and be aware that you almost certainly won’t see a return on your investment, in terms of books sales, unless you’re prepared to do lots of marketing and promotion yourself.


Xlibris has been around since 1997, as “pioneers of the supported self-publishing services industry”. They don’t take rights, so you can publish with them and still offer your work to publishers and agents. Some of their self-published books have been picked up by traditional publishers. They are quite focused on printed books. One thing to note is that they are selling your book for you, so you won’t get full royalties. AUD$1,199 to AUD$15,199

Self Publishing Group Australia

Self Publishing Group Australia describe themselves as “Cooperative Self Publishers” and offer a wide range of packages for publishing your book. You can also buy an eBook only package which is cheaper. They also do group promotional activities, such as Australian book stands at international book fairs. AUD$899 to AUD$5,995

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