People offering Self Publishing services in Australia

This is a list of Australia-based people and businesses offering self-publishing related services to authors and other creators. Listing is free – please email us at [email protected]

 Writing – Coaching – Consulting – Editing – Formatting – Cover design – Audiobook production -Website creation – Printing – Marketing – Distribution – Agents – Legal services


Company Service type Contact About
A Whim Away Ptd Ltd Consulting Anna Ceguerra – [email protected] Anna will help you through the self-publishing process of your fiction novel, by supporting you through the requirements of the various self-publishing platforms out there.
AudiobooksRadio Audiobook production Maria Issaris – [email protected] AudiobooksRadio has developed cost-effective, high quality, global standard audiobook production for small publishers and individual authors in Australia.
Cover Palette Cover design Rachel – [email protected] Cover Palette, based in Sydney, has a team of skilled designers dedicated to providing top-notch design services for authors and publishers worldwide.
Northport Booksellers Publishing services José Nodar – [email protected] Northport offers several services to writers, including website setup and free advice.
Sea Level Graphic Design and Communication Cover design John Henderson – [email protected]om John is a designer, illustrator and infographics artist who is keen to work with self published authors to get them bespoke, well-designed covers at a reasonable cost.
Writer’s Insider Editing, Manuscript assessments, Consulting, Training Brooke Clark – [email protected] Brooke helps children’s book authors (especially picture book authors) by providing manuscript assessments and editing, as well as consulting for those wishing to submit to publishers or self-publish. She also consults to non-fiction authors (for both children and adults). Brooke will soon be offering online training on writing picture books.

Please not that we don’t personally endorse or guarantee any of the suppliers/providers listed.