Should I publish exclusively on Amazon Kindle?

When you publish your book on Amazon Kindle (as a digital book/eBook) you have two options:

KDP Select

Regular Kindle

This means your eBook goes in BOTH:

  • Amazon’s regular Kindle Store
  • Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited (KU)¬†subscription service

Your eBook only goes in Amazon’s regular Kindle Store

But you can also put your eBook on other platforms, such as Apple iBooks

How does KU work?

A reader “borrows” your book rather than purchasing it directly

You are paid based on how many pages of your book they read

A 300-page book earns approximately US$1.20-$1.30

You still get the regular cover price if someone buys it from the Kindle Store

Author Strategies

  • Enrol a new book into KDP Select for the first 90 days, then go wide
  • Keep one or two books in KDP Select to access the promotional tools
  • Keep the first book in a series in KDP Select but go wide with the sequels

3 benefits of KU

  1. Exposure to a wider audience
  2. Readers may be more likely to “take a chance” on a new author, as they’re not paying directly
  3. Promotional tools: every 90 days you can run a free promotion on your book

3 disadvantages of KU

  1. Shorter books and novellas in particular earn much less money
  2. Amazon has 80%+ US market share but iBooks and Kobo are significant in Canada, UK and elsewhere
  3. KU readers can’t leave Verified reviews


  • The restriction only applies to digital books/eBooks
  • You can still create a print version of your book and sell it wherever you like
  • You can also create an audiobook version and sell it wherever you like
  • You can still distribute free review copies/ARCs

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