Conchita GarSantiago is a Sydney-based writer originally from Spain. After finishing her studies in public relations, she went to England for several years and gained her English Certificate from the University of Cambridge.

After marrying an Australian man and having a daughter, Conchita returned to Spain with her family before moving to Australia in 2007.

Conchita says: “I started to write when I arrived in this country. I’ve taken various writing courses and am active in several writing groups.”

Conchita was first published after winning a short story competition with The Monkey Collective. She has written a murder-mystery novel and is currently working on a book set during the Spanish Civil War.


Articles by Conchita…

doll standing on brown leaves

The Doll

A child's doll teaches an important lesson about gratitude ... Read More
shallow focus photography of red flower

A name

What is in a name? That, which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet ... Read More

“IT” – a poem set to music

I have a poem I wrote some time ago for which a friend of mine, composer Heidi Arapa,  made beautiful music ... Read More
Writing about other cultures

Writing about other cultures

Do you have the right to write about a country or culture that isn't your own? Knowing. It's the key word. Not where your passport says you're from ... Read More
The Monkey Collective

The Monkey Collective

In 2017 I won a short story competition run by Lane Cove magazine The Village Observer ... Read More