Produce your own Audiobook – new MeetUp group

Produce your own Audiobook MeetUp

Hello Fellow Writers – are you interested in producing your own audiobook and wanting to know what is involved? Audiobooks are the fastest growing are of publishing, double digit growth in each measurable segment for the past 12 years (and continuing to grow exponentially).

We have a new how-to MeetUp group to find out what’s involved – it will be on Zoom.

Producing your own audiobook is not easy – and understanding the process will put you in a position to know how much you can do for yourself to defray costs.

This event is a trial run of a one-off course of about 60 minutes which outlines exactly what you need to know to start off that project.

Areas we will cover?

  • the audiobook landscape
  • how to prepare/adjust your manuscript for audio
  • how to choose the voice
  • narrating your own work
  • studio costs
  • editing
  • mastering audio files
  • nomenclature and arrangement of files
  • the distribution processes.

We intend to hold a course by the end of April – so register your interest to be included.

Who we are: We at audiobooksradio have produced something like a million words in audio for over 400 authors, which is about 150 listening hours.  That includes government anthologies in well over 25 languages. Voices, sounds and storytelling are pretty much our stock in trade.
But we started off just like you – writers frustrated at just not knowing how to navigate the publishing world and realising that you just have to do it yourself. The course will be run by the whole audiobooksradio team – project managers and technicians – so lots of questions can be asked! 

Maria Issaris is founder of audiboooksradio – a member of SPA and Small Press Network – founder and organiser for Inner West Writers Group (membership of 850), and former producer of a radio program on new writers called 2RPH – New Voices (on Spotify).