Short Story Comps and You

Developing your author profile (note to self)

Creating an author profile is important for writers who haven’t yet scored a big publishing deal. And entering/winning or even being a runner-up can be a huge asset in building a reputation. It really was like finding a treasure trove looking up the excellent Australian Writer’s Centre (AWC) website – a list of relevant competitions, large and small, local and international, for which an Australian is eligible. All the hard work done!

Warning: 4 June is closing date for the next cab off the writing rank.

And how can you not be seduced into wanting to write for something called the Literary Taxidermy Short Story comp? I love it, I must enter. 2500 words. By June 4. And rules? Almost no rules except this one, well, two things. The story must start with the first line of a chosen book. And the story must end with the last line of the book. The book? Ray Bradbury’s thriller, Fahrenheit 451.

The opening and closing lines are delicious:

It was a pleasure to burn.


When we reach the city.

In between you can write whatever you like as long as it is less than 2500 words. All genres accepted. 10 US bucks to enter, and 500 US bucks in prize money, plus inclusion in the annual Anthology.

$500 x 55 hours X 500 Words…

… equals Furious Fiction! Write a 500 word story in 55 hours with a prize of $500. Once you sign up at the Australian Writers Centre ( you will be triggered on the FIRST FRIDAY of each month, at 5pm (Sydney/Melbourne time). Your email will reveal the set of prompts for each months challenge. Next round begins 7 June.

2019 Literary Taxidermy Short Story Competition

Regulas Press invites writers to submit an original story of up to 2500 words in any genre. The catch? Your opening and closing lines are chosen for you from a classic work of literature. This year’s literary taxidermy draws its opening and closing lines from Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.

Closes: 4 June 2019

Word limit: 2500 words

Entry fee: USD$10

Prize: USD$500 for the winner, runners-up will receive USD$50, and winner and runners-up will be published in the forthcoming 2019 Literary Taxidermy Anthology.

Sutherland Shire Environment Centre Award 2019: Writing for the Environment

In honour of its beloved patron, Bob Walshe, the SSEC Board has launched this competition for young writers, to value the role and place of writing in shaping a sustainable world. The competition is open to Australian citizens aged 25 years or younger. The topic for 2019 is ‘Writing to Change the World’ and the Board is seeking fiction or non-fiction pieces that are creative, quirky and clear in purpose and audience.

Closes: 5 June 2019

Word limit: 1000 words

Entry fee: Free

Prize: $1000 for the winning entry

The Wyndham Writing Awards 2019

This competition returns in 2019 to inspire, encourage and recognise emerging Victorian adult writers and literary creators. Prizes will be awarded for unpublished works in four categories: short story, graphic short story, flash story and poetry. Shortlisted entries will be published in the Wyndham Writing Awards Anthology 2019.

Closes: 30 June 2019

Word limit: Varies by category.

Prize: AUD$400 for short story and graphic short story category winners. AUD$100 for poetry and flash story category winners.

Audrey Daybook 2019 Short Story Prize

Audrey Daybook seeks to foster the art and practise of good old-fashioned story writing. Their inaugural prize will publish a different reader’s short story in each issue and they invite amateur, aspiring and accomplished writers to take part. Fictional stories must be inspired by one of the puzzle names in Audrey Daybook (peruse the current or previous issues, or check out the puzzle names on the website).

Round 1 closes: 6 February 2019

Round 2 closes: 10 April 2019

Round 3 closes: 12 June 2019

Round 4 closes: 7 August 2019

Word limit: 800-1000 words

Submit by email: [email protected]

Prize: Four stories will be shortlisted and published in Audrey Daybook (March to September issues). At the end of the year the Short Story Prize winner will receive $1000.

The Sydney Hammond Memorial Short Story Writing Competition

Hawkeye Publishing is looking for jolly good tales. Using the theme ‘Together in Diversity, Australia in 2019’ create a short story that showcases your critical thinking, humour and originality.

Closes: 2 September 2019

Word limit: 1000 words

Entry fee: AUD$5

Prize: AUD$200 for the winner and an anthology based on their story

ServiceScape Short Story Award

With the freedom to write in any genre and about any theme – it’s a great opportunity for original and unpublished works of fiction and non-fiction. Entrants must be at least 18 years of age, plus it’s free to enter.
Closes: 30 November 2019
Word limit: 5000 words
Entry fee: Free
Prize: USD$1000 and publication on the ServiceScape blog.

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You can also find links to more competitions on our Competitions info page