2RPH New Voices programme enjoys great response

Helena Ameisen & Alan Weinstein

2RPH Radio Program: New Voices is going from strength to strength, proving a great showcase and promotional opportunity for new writers. Episode 2 of New Voices featuring Helena Ameisen and Alan Weinstein, broadcast 20th April, is now available for download as a podcast – Dropbox link here.

Kellie Edwards and Wil Roach in Episode 1 took us on a surprising journey, giving us startling insights into gender and colour, nationality and identity (with more than a cerebral touch); whereas Helena and Alan give us a lush and gorgeous eastern trip (in the medieval sense of the word) – I felt like I was eating a Turkish delight for the first time. I had a very hard time editing down almost an hour each of exciting information to a mere 30 minutes. Very hard.

Each episode is quite distinct I think, but somehow there is a coherence, in that we are looking at storytelling from a reader’s perspective, and from a community perspective. Gosh, especially in these times, we all want to read and hear and share stories by really good storytellers.

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About Episode 2 guests:

Helena Ameisen comes from a culturally and linguistically diverse background. She was born in Kraków, Poland and immigrated to Australia with her family in 1960 to escape the resurgence of anti-Semitism in Eastern Europe. On a one year, round-the-world trip in 1981, she met her future husband – a much older Muslim businessman from Egypt. Book 1 of her  memoir, Maktoub – It is Written, describes their tumultuous love affair and eventual marriage. She is currently working on a sequel about her eighteen years of married life in Egypt.

Alan Weinstein is a parent, community member, thinker, writer, artist and satirist. He keeps a low-profile in all of the above endeavours, usually presenting his work from behind the mask of a pseudonym. He writes the spine ‘and all the other words’ for children’s picture books, satire, erotic romance and philosophy. to date he has only published in academic anthologies