SelfPub lunch MeetUp

It was great to see familiar and new faces at the first SelfPubAus lunch MeetUp in Sydney last week. For some people it was their first trip into the CBD since COVID.

There was some great discussion of different topics relating to writing and self-publishing. Perhaps the overall takeout is how different everyone is in terms of their stage in the writing and publishing journey, and what they know and don’t know.

Probably the two key areas that writers struggle with are the technology aspects of publishing and the marketing aspects. Both of those are key reasons we set up Self Publishing Australia: to share knowledge and ideas. What we want to do is create resources in a really “granular” way, so people can get information about one particular aspect, but not waste time sifting through stuff they already know.

We’re also planning to host some “micro sessions” – SelfPubAus Short Bursts – on very specific topics, such as:

  • Pen names: do you need one, and how to choose one – SIGN UP HERE
  • Getting a website: what you need and where to go
  • What to blog: what content will help market your work?
  • Audiobooks: how to create one for your book
  • Beating the block: some tips for writer’s block

Each of these – and more – will be super-quick, 30-minute Zoom sessions, with plenty of discussion and interaction. Each one comes with a colourful summary sheet and will be replicated on the website. You can see an example here.

We’re also very happy to take topics by request, and if there’s a topic you’re expert on, anyone is welcome to lead a session.