SelfPubAus Sydney lunch

The recent SelfPubAus Sydney MeetUp lunch was an enjoyable and useful event, with a lot of interesting discussion and experience sharing.

Self-published author Conchita GarSantiago brought along copies of her novel A Cry For Home, set in the Spanish Civil War. It’s available in print and eBook formats.

Some of the other topics discussed, which we’ll try to cover in greater depth in future, included:

  • Agents – What do they do? Do you need one? How do you get one?
  • Self-publishing as a business – Making money by republishing public domain, out-of-print works.
  • Non-fiction books– How marketing, promotion and sales channels for these may differ from publishing fiction

And a whole range of other issues.

We hope to make it a monthly event on the first Friday of each month. For the next event, we’re looking for venues that are easiest to reach for the maximum number of people. One suggestion was to find a venue near Central Station, such as the Strawberry Hills Hotel. If anyone has any other ideas, please share!


2 Replies to “SelfPubAus Sydney lunch”

  1. Sorry I missed this one and the following one after this. Hopefully, I can come to the one scheduled next. Lovely photo of you all too.

    • We’re going to be holding them the first Friday of every month, and also hoping to run a (possibly weekly) writing group in the same location, 2-4pm. There’s a very quiet room downstairs. I’ll post more about it this week.

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