Announcing “Ink”

“Ink” is our new literary magazine aimed at getting people’s work into (digital) print. We’re choosing an online platform that will enable easy pdf download and printing, so you can hold your own physical copy in your hands.

Ink is about exposing more readers to more writers – getting your work online where it’s accessible as part of your writer’s resume.

For the first edition we’re open to anything. Future editions may have a specific theme, but to start with it’s free season. The author/poet/artist retains all copyright, this is a 100% non-commercial venture. We’re welcome to all kinds of submissions:

  • stories
  • excerpts
  • articles
  • poems
  • artwork

The only limit will be word count – ideally around 1,000 words max – though this can be flexible. Contributions should be sent to [email protected]

We also welcome any other creative or literary input you’d like to offer. If you’re great with design or layouts, or have some interesting editorial ideas, please get in touch!