Divide and rule!

Life is great but don’t believe it.

The sun is shining, the water is shimmering but don’t believe it.

People aren’t divided, wolves are friendly, but don’t believe it.

But you must believe this
You made their plan a success when you were so scared.

And now I am sure they will do it again.

The family of a thousand years, wants to be in the shadow, to scare the imaginative mind of a child.

Divide and rule!

Hundreds of years ago…

There must be only one empire, not so many. “We will fix them all” they say!
One day Vatican, one day Spain, one day France, then India and China. Then Ottoman, Persia and Russia.

So many problems in this world they say:

German, African, Korean, Vietnamese, south American, Afghan and Persian, then soviet and Russian.
Then muslims and the middle east.

The whole EU was a bad idea
Brexit will fix that all.

So many problems in this world they say:

“The unseen God, the virus,
We’ll fix it all.”

When you were so scared of death, you’ve forgotten that we will all die, one day.

They crucified Jesus with the promise of resurrection.
And you watched him suffer because you believed them!
He suffered because of our stupidity.

You line up in a queue, behind all the other lambs to the abattoir with the hope of what happens to your friends, won’t happen to you.
The Stockholm syndrome!

Your fear made their pandemic a success!

They will do it again. That’s their promise.

The flag of the next one will be nappies and not masks!

When anyone wants to talk about who they really are,

Their media makes a joke about it and everyone laughs at it. And they call it a conspiracy!


But they are real.
Tyrants are real.
Greed is real.

Never forget:
Divide and rule.
That’s what they do.

Stupidity is real.

But above all, life is real.
You and I are real.
The sun is shining and the water is shimmering
we stay together,

And that’s my promise.