The anatomy of orgasm

The anatomy of orgasm

It starts with an orgasm
Then a big wet orgasm
Then all becomes about the orgasm!

Live the moment they say
It’s all about the size and shape
Nothing to do with love
Sexologists say that!

It was even in the film* once
Everything is true when it’s in the film
A 75 year old prof had sex with a man-whore.
She cried when she had an orgasm for the first time.

All women I watched the film with, cried with her too.
And told me they knew how it felt
Not to have an orgasm till the age of 75.
And none of them were virgin nor 75!

We are all pornstars.
Not-for-profit prostitutes.
How big are you sir?
Can you fit a fist in you mademoiselle?

Live the moments they say
It’s all about the orgasm
Nothing can compete with the vibrators
Different sizes, different colours, different flavours.

How can’t you have an orgasm?
Change the colour
Change the size
Change the pressure

That’s the anatomy of orgasm
Colour and size
Pressure and lust
No room for love

Shame! Shame! Shame?
Strange word in the modern book.
It’s a disorder!
You need a therapy.

Loyalty is old fashioned
It’s the Story of the lost innocence
Always a better option
Who can compete with the vibrators?

Let me remind you that Story
Once upon a time
There was a family-man
And a loyal housewife

Man was sweating for a descent penny
Wife was building a home warm and cosy
Full of love and warmth for her man and the coming children

No-one was talking about options
There was only one option
And everyone worked very hard to keep the home up and bright

There are some days that:
God has been crying for the tyranny comes out of his children
Those days he wouldn’t say: ” Praise the God, the best of the creators”

He created the devil too!
And some finds the devil, cool!
He’s the master of the twisted strategic games!
God’s games are so straight forward; boring!

One of those days when the world needed more cheap labor, called Equality,
Capitalism knocked on the door.
“Women are not equal with men.” They said
“They aren’t independent, they are victims.”

Thanks to feminism
Women became independent
They tasted earning and equality
Now they want to be even more equal

Feminism said:
Women were victims.
They were sex-slaves.
They never had an orgasm and they even made films about it.

Capitalism invented
And even butt plugs for an adventure

Why period they say!
Why pregnancy?
That’s not fair
Gender doesn’t exist anymore. Let’s go binary

Surgery will fix the awkward :
Age and gender
Earn money, science will fix the rest
Freeze your eggs, hire a womb

Who needs a heart anymore
We need money for subscription
Subscribe for hugs
Subscribe for love.

Hang on a sec, let’s have a pause
A beautiful blue sky, with a shinning bright sun
Birds are dancing, singing and making love.
But why the world is not as perfect as they say?

It’s not all about orgasm is it?
It’s not all about what they say!
My mum wasn’t a victim
Nor my gran and not the greatest great gran

Orgasm is an ignition
Without love just a friction
A party for rubbing the organs, making noise
But waking a volcano if love goes

Live the moment, yes
With open heart and soul
Not with money
Not with subscriptions

Let’s baptise ourselves first
To wash off all the filth of the modernism
To earn back our innocence
To make our God smile again

I want to be shy again
To blush when I see your smile.
To hear my heart when I feel your scent.
To have a dream of you and not a shape of you.

I want to be an old fashioned man,
Who’s looking for an old fashioned woman.
Someone who values life and family
Nature and love,
A lady!

Someone who doesn’t care about the make of my car or the brand of my watch.
Hitting the jackpot!
But cares for dignity and novelty;
cares for a legacy to build; together!

Someone who doesn’t think there is always a better option
But “the one”
With whom could build a space together,
To call it home!

Call me old-fashioned,
But I only offer my heart
It’s a garden full of lavender
And a deep ocean full of adventure

In my world nothing is for sale
And nothing to purchase
No subscription
“ISMs” are strictly forbidden!

Love is the only currency
Trust has no shadows
And Kindness is the only language

We live only once
Let’s find each other
Let’s love to the last breath

Let’s unfold our wings and fly to the edge
Where the sky engulfs the ocean
Where the sun is born.

What a sweet wishful dream!
But the world has been changed
And it keeps changing
And so are we, for the better or worse!


* Film was : Good luck to you, Leo Grande (2022)