The cycles of life or the deception of age?

In nature age doesn’t exist but only cycles.
We also go through cycles and age is nothing but a misperception.

Age is a stereotypical factor
Without any real truth within.
And time is only a tool and nothing else.

We start with the cycle of dependency
Then sensing
Then exploring
Then seeking for independence
And then finally independence

Some people may not change cycles,
Some people may create cycles within a cycle

Create a new cycle from an existing cycle

To be a Sufi
Or maybe a Dervish
A door through a door
A Matryoshka

What’s my current cycle?
How many cycles I have been through?
Is there any other cycles I am craving to go to?

One has to answer these questions first.
Before any relationships.

A relationship between people ( romantic, friendship, work interactions etc)
has to be based on the cycles of life and not age.
Some cycles may get along better with each other or function better together.

Age is misleading
It is a deception
What cycle of life you are in
Is the question one has to ask or to discover!