Sydney Authors Inked – Next Event

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Free Author Talks at Summer Hill

Our second #free author talk is on Sunday 12 November 2023 from 10 am to 12 pm at The Little Big House, 16 Flour Mill Way, Summer Hill NSW 2130.

Gerdette Rooney, our first speaker, will talk about Travel Writing and her book ‘Womandic Wanders’. This story is about her solo travels across the globe carrying her rucksack and camera, hiking mountains, and staying in a tent as well as squeezing into share taxis in Africa.

Our second speaker, Anna Ceguerra, who lives in Sydney with her beloved dog, Patchy, will discuss Writer’s Block. Anna has built a career in science and software development. She loves weaving futuristic themes into unique and exciting stories.

Register for this event on Humanitix – here.

Come along to learn about writing and publishing, browse and buy the authors’ books, and enjoy a light morning tea. Book now.

Happy Writing (and learning)

Maria P Frino