Don’t judge me!

Don’t judge me
Don’t judge yourself
You know nothing of who we are!

Hundred and sixty thousands years of history
Intertwined into the double helix
Reflected onto the crystal ball

Ready to be read
The uncountable blocks of experience
The unimaginable numbers of lives

The colourful twisted spirals
From all those stories untold
All the lives fulfilled or wasted

When we were in the cave
Naked, cold and unwashed
We never cared about
The colour of the skin or the brand of a car

We feel so proud of a history of the priorll century
Whilst it is not longer than a second
In the age of our shared double helix

I might have been a king two hundred generations ago
You might have been a goddess of wealth six thousands generations ago

Whom we’ve become today
Is something we squeeze out
From the bottle of the colourful potion
called “life”

We are still adding colours
Every moment
With our challenges and desires
With our hopes and despairs

You and I should be proud of who we are
Should be proud of our past
Because life without the past
Does not exist

If our past made us to be good today
We should be proud of it
Despite all the moments of embarrassments

If we haven’t turned it to a good
We still should be proud
Because we get to see the beast

We suffer the most by living with the beast
And today is a new beginning
To tame the beast

The double helix
Spins around
Grabs the colourful marble balls

The bead of life
Is getting longer
Wether we like it or not

So don’t judge me
Don’t judge yourself
You know nothing of who we are

Live this life mindfully
Because this is our only chance
Better to fulfilled than wasted.