Pain, love and happiness

What is the enemy of peace?
Pain is a perception and consequently the reflection to an unpleasant stimulant.

Pain is a naughty child seeks attention.
Tell it I know you are there
But you won’t get anything if  you don’t behave yourself!

What is an unpleasant stimulant?

Whatever disturbs the steady state of the being, the homeostasis. The harmony we are born with!

The superficial love is an addiction to affection.
When it is not around, it causes discomfort.

What is a superficial love?
A request for affection and also any action or kindness causes expectations.

How to achieve peace?

By freeing selves from the pain. By regaining the neutral steady state, the natural harmony within.

That’s when we become
nothing but love:
Thinking good thoughts
Saying good words
Doing good deeds.