I was asked: name an inspiring woman.
I didn’t even think and replied: of course , she is Eve.

And I wasn’t joking.

Eve was the only woman who put up with Adams nonsense and she also was able to forgive him.

She was told that she was made of Adam’s rib and that she was hormonal 🤣
While she clearly knew about Adam’s illiteracy. 😂

Adam of course never did a course in physiology 😂 and he was also a bully
And Eve kindly forgave him for his defaults.

But I wish she didn’t.

I wish she put him right by telling him woman indeed is a masterpiece.

Woman is a delicate musical instrument, that only a proper musician would bring the right pitch and melody out if it.

If Eve stood up firmly in front of Adam, men and women today wouldn’t see a woman as a symbol of lust and seduce but a portrait of
beauty and life with the power of creation.

Eve had kindness, tolerance and forgiveness
And I admire her for that.

Happy Woman’s Day.

And dear fellow humans please don’t put up with nonsense.