The castle of happiness

For the castle

of happiness
every brick counts.

Every second of sadness and joy
Every encounters
Nothing is random, every breath counts

When you smile, the birds sing
The sky makes love with the sea
and the sun is born.

When you are grim, the world shivers.
The wind stops conducting
and the music of life flees away.

The castle is yours
If you are aware
If you see

“Your eyes are beautiful when they see”

We need to let go
Let go of pain
Let go of control

This moment shall pass
In the realm of happiness
No place for greed

This castle is build
by love and awareness
not money and cowardliness

Holding on fear
Builds a ruin
Not the castle

Every breath counts
The castle is there
That castle is ours

Only and only
Unleash ourselves.