It’s easy to become a rebel!


What size are you?
I am slim
What brand are you?
I am not LV

The smile of Julia Roberts
The smell of Johnny Depp
How much is that smile?
How much for the scent?

We pay to wear a logo
We exercise to fit in it
And we would be so proud
If we could afford the logo

Who said communism is dead?
Uniforms uniforms uniforms
Capitalism is only a brandism
For the modern communism

Everything is replaceable
No sentiment is required
There’s always a better option
Attachment is old fashioned

Everyone is replaceable
Can you press this button?
You are hired, but remember
You are only in a common

There’s always a better one
She’s got two degrees
You’ve got only one
We only abide by decrees

Who cares about the quality?
What does it mean originality?
Why should we value the thinking?
When Google does it by clicking

Who cares about love
When there is a free-love
Are you unhappy? go online
Monogamy is offline

It’s all about the options
All about the brand
Don’t suffer fool
There’s always a better jewel

Order a sperm donor
Find a surrogate womb
The brave new world
Is not a fiction anymore

Always there are options
Unhappy with your gender?
Is your anatomy not tender?
Nature is not always fair

Is it the time of the month?
Men could never apprehend
Misogyny misogynist misogynism
Equality equalist equalitarianism

Are you ok? They ask
Mental illness is serious
Come and talk to us they say
We’ll find you a new label

Are you sad today?
You are a bipolar
Are you stressed today?
You have PTSD

Mental illness is serious
But it’s more dangerous
When everything
Is a marketing

In the world of marketing
In the land of the brands
When everyone has a price
Where everything is a device

It’s ok if you are a brand
It’s ok if you are a number
But if you decided not to
You are not a traitor

We’re not on a Noah’ Ark of saving
This ship of modernism is sinking
It is easy to become a rebel
In the world of ism’s and sheep

Stop running and breath
Don’t kill yourself or trees
Life is not about to become a somebody
It’s alright “To Be” as a nobody

Being authentic means unique
Imperfection is boutique
I will be on your direction
No questions, only for connection

Life is not replaceable
And we are not a brand
It’s worth shared in person
Than sold for likes online

Love is not transgenic
Creation is authentic
One needs fire to burn
Some uses fire to make

We can’t replace love for love
Not all roses blush or thrive
Heart holds them all firm and tight
Can one ever get rid of the heart?

We are gardens and lands
With own grounds in hands
Some colourful and fertile
Some unloved and futile

Don’t put a sign up for sale
Don’t believe in tales
Not everyone has a price
Not everything is a device