When you smile…

When you smile,
Even the iceberg melts.

Maybe you are the cause
of this global phenomenon.

The global warming.

In the world of icy minds
Icy faces
And frozen hearts
Everyone complains about
The global warming.

Perhaps that’s why they make you
To wear a mask.
To hide your heartwarming smile
To stop the global warming!

Everyone complains
About the charades,
But they also dress it as the truth!

One day the global warming!
One day the public health!

And everyone plays!

Blue, red green and even yellow!

Everyone wants to take this ride

On the merry go around!

But for me..

You are the truth.
You are the amusement!

I can see the glows in your eyes,
I can hear your heartbeat
I want to be the iceberg
To melt down in your smile.

Maybe together
we can cause

A never ending fire season
To burn this darkness
To melt the fatigue!

Together we can melt

The ice of ignorance!

Not by election
But by selection!

When you smile
No one can resist not to smile back
I don’t like the icy world!

When you smile
I smile back.