Asha, the grid of existence and dreams

Asha, the grid of existence and dreams!

Asha is the wisdom flows in the universe.

We haven’t been created and won’t be expired,
We have been here once the existence formed. Similar to energy, we just changing forms. Life is here with God from eternity to eternity.

God, the wisdom, some calls him the creator, is beyond one’s comprehension. It is the existence and the non-existent. It’s the hope and the warmth. You know it, you feel it, once you sense it.

Body is a vessel, contains organs,
cells, molecules and atoms.
Each of which has its own purpose
And it’s own vibration.

I, is an operator to run the vessel.
The I, is a unique code, made of our parents, though for human this code is unique, for the asexuals, is identical with the generation before.

For us, humans, there is a special unit for decision making and perceiving which is named as prefrontal cortex and I call it ” the new brain”.

The new brain is were it makes us a dumb operator or a bright one.

Most of humans, the same as all other creatures, prefer to make their life based on instincts which are well tested in many other creatures and instincts are quite capable for survival.

Procrastination also comes from the rivalry between the old brain, the limbic system, and the new brain.
New brains insist on determination and discipline but all brain encourages partying and having fun.

I have developed a bell shaped curve  showed in the graph( normal distribution), purely based on observation of the society, the state of mankind historically and based on the indicators of the power, greed and control.


The median of this bell shaped curve is a line between the use of the old brain on the left hand side (LHS) and the use of the new brain on the right hand side ( RHS).
people on the LHS of the curve have a tendency to predominantly use their old brain ( the instincts ). Most of the people in a lot of different layers of the society fit into this category.

The first 25% next to both side of the median are considered as sort of smart or street smart.

These people, somehow use their new brain.
The 25% on the RHS of the median though, tend to think more critically, somehow plan things or even assume they make some decisions.

( A lot of people think they make decisions while they only pick an option out of many given options, while true decision making comes from seeing/observing, assessing, then creating the options and picking the best and also they are able to explain why that is their best decision).

University graduate or successful businessmen, average celebrities and average politicians are fitted in this category. ( The first 25% on the RHS)
The big impression from this group is the tendency to manipulate and control ( I call them the sergeants, they think they have power but not really! Average politicians like Australian politicians are the best example of this category)

The next 15% next to the 25% on the RHS are those are considered very smart, they are usually in charge of the other 75%. They are the heads of companies, some doctors and lawyers, top policy makers and top politicians are in this category.

The major visible common factor in this category is to implicitly and subtly manipulate and control others.

Some famous figures including Ghandi and Mandela and even Einstein will fit in this category.

The next 5-9% on the RHS are those who are on top of the food chain. Extremely smart, disciplined, and full of visions and creativity.


They are able to create the game of power,media, control and manipulation and dictate the policies and protocols to the next 15% which those pass them those to the next 75%.

They are the true tyrants. See if you can name one or two?

The described 95-99% are all facing the LHS.

And finally we’ve got the last 1-5% on the RHS. These are also very smart, using their new brain, very disciplined, determined and full of creativity but they are facing the RHS and not the 95-99% on the LHS.

They are not looking for controlling or taking advantages of the others. I call these people the ENLIGHTENED, the light on the path, the star in the sky our life!
They have purely blended into ” The grid of existence.”


But if you come across with them, you probably won’t hear lots of opinions about the politics or anything about the state of the society. You won’t see big brands, big money, big cars or lots of holes in their life which make them to fall into the trap of the other 95-99%. They live stress-free.

Even though I am very positive that all of us have this opportunity to be part of that 1-5% but unfortunately I don’t think a lot of people are ready to leave the games of the others and connect with Asha by using their new brain.

As I always say, if life or others put a game in front of you and you are not familiar with roles of the game, the best game you may play is : NOT TO PLAY!

New brain is our gift and our curse.

It is our gift because it ables us to get the feeling of being in charge of our life and universe, if we apply it appropriately, however, a lot of those who use their new brain, become overwhelmed with the factor of power and mostly become abusive towards other humans or other creatures ( for instance, the concept of hierarchy of power, kingdom, corporate, money, etc as well as animal farming, aggressive plantation, deforestation etc. )

And it also becomes our curse. Because if we don’t use it properly or don’t use it at all, we won’t be able to access the Asha, while the other creatures without the new brain, in my understanding, have the access to Asha on their own way. It means for the creatures without new brain , e.g. plants, ants, bees, access to Asha , probably access to the basic level of Asha, has been granted while for us, have to earn that access otherwise we will remain in the darkness.

There are five adjectives as the product of new brain, that over time we have developed and in my understanding, they are the main obstacles against our development and integration with Asha. These are : selfishness, ambitious, competitiveness ( competition in anyway), influence and influencer and leadership.

All of these  are self centred, stop team work and doesn’t provide the sacrosanctity of making decisions but following others or being manipulated towards a goal. While harmony is not a goal.

Our body is a vessel. Our awareness primitively comes from our sensory device but with personal growth, sensing is not only coming from the human body level,  but also from our cellular level, molecular level, atomic level and the vibration level, as all of which become sensory machines , meaning we don’t only sense by our eyes, ears etc but we sense Asha with our full existence.

That’s how I can explain dreams and where they come from.

Some dreams are the combination of the input of the data from our day to day life and are purely to entertain us to stay asleep without getting bored.

Some dreams are about the concerns we develop throughout life, I call them the unspoken tales, the worries underneath.

Some other dreams come from our senses from the different layers depending how in-tune we are with our being!

And some dreams are utterly disturbing to wakes us up when we’re overslept.

The world of becoming melts in Asha, to become Jesus, Buddha, Rumi, to become purely God, is a lonely journey. But once you get there, you never feel alone.

Loneliness, is a perception, a weak perception of life, being in darkness, meaning a lonely person ( not an alone one) can’t see the existence of life and the beauty around them.

But once the enlightenment hits, once we feel the light in our heart, we will never be in the darkness again.

Throughout this journey, we shouldn’t expect sympathy, shouldn’t expect understanding from the crowd, but standing alone, sensing, and moving slowly, step by step.

The world of standing alone. But we certainly will feel the harmony, gradually.

Harmony within and with our surroundings, with nature and with “the grid of existence“.

I know I am too far away, because integration with Asha is far away from being needy, clingy and feeling lonely but I also can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The difference between a murder and a manslaughter, is the knowledge of the action.

I could be a dumb operator of my vessel when I don’t know, and that would be man-slaughtering my chance of being, but after reading this, it won’t be a manslaughter anymore but a murder if I decide to live ignorantly.

However, I pick the third option. I don’t want to be an operator but a seeker of Asha.
Meaning I know my existence in this world is not an accident but an opportunity, there is no beginning nor end, no birth nor death but only changing on the tasks.

My heart is so full of gratitude for this opportunity and I would like to live every breath, every movements with awareness and joy. I don’t think we are here to suffer but to thrive and that’s what I am aiming to do.

The Glasgow Hotel Ultimo

Edited, 28/04/2023
Piano bar, The rocks