The lost tribe and the universe of concentric circles!

The lost tribe and the universe of concentric circles!

I am not sure whether you ever experienced a vision or not.
Vision is to see something which is going to happen in the future or at least we assume it is going to happen.

In one of the summer days, while I was sitting in front of my computer, working, it happened very quickly, maybe a second or two. It was like a set in a film.

There was a semi dark room, looked like a room at the hospital.
There was an old man lying there. No-one was there. You could here some nurses talking from the distance. But no-one was in the room.
It was the death-bed of that man.

I knew it was me.
If you know me, you should know I am not a crying type.
I couldn’t stop crying.

I even didn’t know why I was crying.

Half an hour later a friend of mine called me.

We had a normal chat. I decided to tell him about my vision, but I got extremely emotional and I had to hang up to recompose myself.

During that day I was extremely emotional and I even didn’t know why.

However, in the afternoon, I just realised maybe my biggest fear in life was to die alone and during that vision I managed to meet with the beast! And I realised it wasn’t that scary.

Doesn’t matter if we have a family and friends or not, death is a transition of self healing, a transformation, a moment of transparency and that is on our own.

So I thought I must be so grateful for that vision. To see my biggest fear.

A few weeks later, on the good Friday, I was out on a walk with a friend and I told her about my vision and also described my interpretation, but she came with a great insight.

She said: “Perhaps this vision tells you about your lost tribe. Maybe it tells you about your desire to find your own people? ”

How fascinating!

Tribe doesn’t mean a family by the way. Family can be part of a tribe, but not necessarily having a family means having a tribe.

I remembered, when I was nineteen or twenty, I wrote an article titled as ” the ideal self and the personal world“.

In that article I explained how a person is the centre of its own universe.

The universe is born by a person . I am the ideal and the rest of the world is mundane and rotten. Right and wrong compares with my righteousness and wickedness. ( All just am assumption to form the theory)

And that forms a confident subconscious.

A person without a self-esteem would have an opposite approach!

In this world, I defined my universe as a set of concentric circles. Many circles with the different radius but the same centre.


The smallest circle, the one in the centre of universe with the smallest radius, belongs to self.

This circle is hardly shared with someone
Almost impossible to share it with anyone else.


We are born on our own, and we are the only one spends all the moments of our life with ourselves. No-one else is present throughout all those moments with us but ourselves.

The next circle is where the life partner, closest friends, the trusted ones and maybe the family members are located.

However, this circle and the one next to it, are the most difficult one to fill it with people. We may assume someone is very close to us, but the trust, loyalty and the shared purposes haven’t been tested hence, it’s only an assumption.

People who have some real friends in the circle two and three seem to be happier.
And those who don’t have anyone there, even thought their social life is quite busy, might feel lonely all the time.

From the circle 2 onwards, we compare the whole world with ourselves and place them in the different circles.
More similar to us perhaps, closer, and strange from our values, going further away.

The third circle is where the good friends are.

Family can be located in very close circles or it can be further away. Depends how we feel about them.

The great advantage about the concentric universe is no-one entitles to a specific circle, but we place them there.

Before placing anyone in any circles, firstly we should ask ourselves how much do we know about that person, then how do we feel about them and finally how do we want to advance our interactions with them.

The radius of circles are getting larger and larger and the distance of people become farther and farther away from us.

When we meet a stranger, that person can be in the circle number 14 for example, if we meet them again and if they make a good impression we may move them to a closer circle for example, circle 13.

Or there has been a acquaintance who was in the circle 4 but we lost touch and over time that person was moved to circle 10.

I had a close friend in the circle 2, one of the closest friends, someone I thought they were a lifetime friend, but all of sudden I lost my trust. Trust and loyalty are one of the major role players in my world for the placements.

I couldn’t down grade that friend to any other circles automatically. And all of sudden my circle number2 became as a hollow.

Like a black hole between me and the rest of my universe. There were many other people in the other circles, but because the closest circle to me got disturbed, I couldn’t connect with the rest of my circles within my universe for a while. ( That’s how sometime we feel lonely while we are surrounded with many).

Time, as always is a great healer.

I had to keep distance with them to make sure that closeness softened, then after a certain time, I was able to place them in a farther circle for example circle 8 and maintain friendship with them again, although it wasn’t on the same level ever again.

Another advantage about this concentric universe isĀ  that all people in our world, even strangers have a place.

We only assess matters from peopleĀ  based on their closeness and their relationship with ourselves.

For example if you get a nasty feedback from somebody in the circle 20 of your universe, you won’t suffer full. You may think about the validity of that comment, but you won’t give it too much value or credit.

Also this shouldn’t interpret as to become an ignorant.

I have mentioned once, idols are not those people who are famous or we know them, an idol in my life can be a stranger who shows me a direction or give me a feedback at the right time and the right place which allows me to see something I haven’t seen before.

So even though we know the place of everyone in our universe based on trust, friendship and loyalty, the impact of each individual at a certain time and place would be considered carefully, because it is my universe, my life and my world!

Back to the concept of the lost tribe,
I think my lost tribe comes from those who fit in the circle number two three and four. They are my shield and obviously I haven’t found them yet.

I think for my tribe, I should add the shared purposes in addition to trust, loyalty and friendship.

Of course everyone has and should have its own tribe. I have realised having, finding and forming one’s own tribe based on one’s own standards, values and principles could be one of the pillars of the happiness.

Mine is more difficult to find because I don’t like the concept of “ISM” in my world. Hence my world is quite isolated!

I don’t use social media, I don’t have a TV, I am not interested in news, not interested in politics as I see politicians, as the professional liers. I called them the sergeants, because their rank is very low in the food chain, still high enough to bully soldiers ( the society) to destroy their confidence and teach them obedience.

I don’t watch Hollywood, Bollywood and based on the general judgement I am so neurotic. So finding my tribe is not that easy.

You might have already your own tribe hence, I would like to congratulate you for that.

There is no better or worse tribe, your concentric universe is yours and forming it and arranging it with those you love and care is the basis of your happiness.

Hopefully, I find mine one day too.


And also from a text from 15/10/2004