I was the one who wanted to change the world once!

I was the one who wanted to change the world once!

When I was younger
I thought that when I grew up

I would become somebody
And I was going to change the world!

And when I was young
I blamed the elders
For every  failures and shortcomings
Because I was going to change the world!

When I became older
I might have been a dreamer or a driven
I might have even seen ourselves as achievers
But what change brings an over achiever to the world?

Most of people have faith
But are they all Jesus or trustworthy?
Most of people have educations
But are they all makers or act for the best?

Now I am older
I was a dreamer and an achiever
But now I know
I am not going to change anything!

I had a dream of becoming a king
Or curing the diseases
Then I realised a longer or a shorter life
More money or less comfort

Ultimately there is nothing to change
You can’t call me lazy or a surrender
Nihilist or an existentialist
I am me, full of life but with a vision now!

When one sees harmony within
Then appreciates the vibration
Which is only within the limits
All the choices and freedom

Who is wealthier? A billionaire afraid of losing or a creative composer?
Who is more free? One in hierarchy of a corporate or a one with limited needs?

Life can become enriched
By learning to eternity
One can become free
By seeing the whole picture!

Who can change ignorance?
Who can cure the beast?
Forget the change of the world
There is nothing to change!

Learning is the change
It brings freedom
Discover hope and love
And you’ll be changed constantly!

That’s the way God sees the world
We are not lazy nor incapable but, lost.
Let’s learn the harmony
Let’s hear the melody.