The story of a limping cog!

The story of a limping cog!

In the middle of nowhere
there was a town.

A smokey chimney
was telling a story.

Wheels, handles and cogs
were all working round the clock.

Well…truth to be told
semi round the clock.

All because of, they call him,
a limping cog .

An unusual cog
with layers of complications.

No one knew what he was,
nothing but a fool of himself…

…who was talking about “The secret”
he knew and no one else.

Everyone thought of him
as useless and dramatic.

So many other cogs
were put next to him.

No functionality whatsoever
lousy cocky limping cog!

The chimney just
burning fuel.

There was a mysterious door
beholding some secrets.

Made some anxious and some hopeful.
That’s the nature of a cryptic secret.

Archaeologist and excavation-logist
Dug and dug and dug.

They didn’t leave any stone unturned
Though, couldn’t unravel The secret.

The psychic of the town decided
to have a feast, to intoxicate and untoxify!

Maybe that could
cure and reveal!

Everyone was invited
even the limping cog.

Some other guests from the other kingdom
were also invited to the feast of untoxication!

The psychic was smiling
to the guest of honours.

There was a sophisticated cog
with a capital S among the invitees.

Everyone could see a new colour
on the face of a limping cog.

It was an unusual night.
The chimney stopped smoking!

The whole town stopped!
The limping cog wasn’t limping!

The sophisticated cog disappeared.
Limping cog left the town.

The whole town stopped.
No smoke out of the chimney.

Limping cog found the capital S
The Sanguine Sapient &Scrumptious cog.

He said he was limping
not because he was a cripple.

He was limping because
he was designed in such a way.

He was a multilayer cog
With complicated teeth.

He was designed to be a gear, far beyond
the imagination of the simple flat cogs.

Only a true part
could gear up with him.

He was simple but complicated
for those without the imaginations

But complicated and simple
for those who could see.

As once he said:
Your eyes are beautiful when they see.

There is a door to open
But only by a true key

The sophisticated one was not sure.
Not sure about the unknowns?

Or was she
scared of the knowns?

Though, not any sophisticated-one is a key
without a turn and twist in the battle with the keyhole.

Every second is a fragment of a story
and every hour could be a novel.

We can join our forces
to open the drawbridge


Stay still in the world of
unimaginative cogs.

Fulfillment is not based on achievements
but it’s where we see and take actions.

See things I see
not seeing things I was told to see!

So no-one knows
what happens to the limping cog.

No-one knows
what is behind the door.

Which door?
A drawbridge?

Only time will tell.
The psychic is smiling.

The town is stopped.
No smoke out of the chimney!