An Anti-war Campaign!

An Anti- war Campaign!

The strongest antiwar campaign
Stop listening to the news.

The only anti financial crisis campaign
Stop listening to the news.

Lots of problems are created
To only make news!

News are created
To create panic.

And when we are panicking
We stop thinking. we won’t be our smartest.

We switch to the fight and flight mode
We become what they want!

Stop listening to the news
Stop using the media.

Talk to each other instead
And not about the news.

If we don’t have anything to talk
Ask, why do we need to talk all the time?

Let’s listen to the breeze
Let’s create a new culture

A no-news culture
A no-media culture.

Then we hear the sound of birds
And we realise life is not too bad after all.

A chummy said: The culprit
Is not the news but the capitalism!

I replied: Today is capitalism
Tomorrow will be another ISM.

He says the technology is there, let’s go AI!
We should use it, if we don’t, other will.

And I say, they lead you on
As a puppet, to any direction

He asked: They? Who are they?
And I said: The little gods.

Those who create advertisements,
Media and the news!

Those who create weapons
And need war and crimes

Those who create drugs
And need reasons to sell

Those who dig out oil
And need us to buy

Life is about the decisions we make
And the actions we take

“We are the product our decisions!”

We can shake hands with the devil
And live under the shadow of fear

The fear of losing comfort
The fear of losing games

Or to stand tall
And live with simplicity and dignity!

We can put an end to this circus
By stopping watching it!