Praise the blind worm!

Praise the blind worm!

Worms are the best of us all.
They crawl in the dirt
Turn the dry and the barren earth
To the fertile womb and the soft bed.

They move in the dark
Work tirelessly and sharp
And dig in a dry land
To make a water tank.

They have no claims
The selfless little muddiest!
Even throwing a feast
For a hungry little beast.

And we call ourselves
The best of the souls
Who consumes the whole
And only eats, shits and folds.

We are the best
The smartest
Who creates the bombs
Manipulates the dumbs.

We created the media
Everything is real
When it is in the media
While the only truth is the FIBIA!

We acknowledge the land
To the elders, the presents and the past
While we dig in their land
For the stones and the precious, fast.

We created a god
Who created the disease
Then blaming that god
For the impotence of the treats!

If there is art
We are Kitsch.
If a designer for a worm
Darwin was right, we are random.

Science of Scientology
Arts sold at Sotheby’s
Are used to control.
The sucking black hole!

Arrogance is dark
So as anger and greed
God is the light
The light in the heart.

Art smells of love
Knowledge sparkles from the above
The residence of God
Is full of art and love.

We can reside up there
We need to calm down first.
Stop being a scorn!
Sit next to the crawling worm.

The grid of existence
The tweed of life
We must kneel on the dirt
And praise that little bird.

Art and knowledge
Make us aware!
The next stop


One Reply to “Praise the blind worm!”

  1. Interesting ideas. The comparison against the worm is really great and necessary for some (i.e. worms possess more qualities then some ‘human beings’ like uncaring, arrogant and thankless individuals). I like some of the humorous lines about folding etc lol. The last message is good, though art is confusing for me, I agree it is important for growing general awareness and knowledge, that elevates us beyond where we are currently 👌🏼✌🏼

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