The Country of Prosperity!

“In memory of the lost lives.”

The Country of Prosperity.


The country of the golden beaches,
The earthy heaven with the brightest days.
Man could have been free and happiest in this land forever,
Where they could celebrate life, love and joy.
This land is blessed with no enemies
Though it is wasted in the hands of the invaders,
Who are celebrating the soldiers, the trained killers- the professional exterminators, and praying for the coming wars.

Their culture is nothing but pretend.
Where they acknowledge the land and the land owners, where they have invaded and whom they have massacred,
Where they translate the Magic Flute to localise the opera.
For them the masterpiece is something expensive to hang on the wall.

The Archibald prize is a shamble.
It doesn’t matter if it’s art or not, if it’s fake or original, if that’s expensive, it must be beautiful, Louis Vuitton!

For them, the only symphony is the war whoop.
The only show is the betrayal of Gallipoli.
Which cast the foremost verse for the lost nation:
“Lest we forget”!

Shall we not forget the ignorance, betrayal and greed?

Whoever tells you let’s die for theĀ better future, lies to you. War is their bread and butter.

So many died for propaganda predate us, but
The world is still full of wars and blood.
No future is worth dying for.
Life is beautiful when we are around together,
And celebrating life and love.

So instead of “lest we forget”, shall we say:
“Let’s Forget the Idiocracy and Love the Living instead”?

And Move On!


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I saw so many youngsters in uniforms today, with many medals! “What have they done to deserve all these medals”, I asked?
To me, that was the presentation of Idiocracy. Today was a sad day where I could see many lost lives walking around who were deceived by the promise for a better future, good fortune and the fancy dress parties! Another stolen generation!