Life is not about Seeing but Seeing!

Life is not about seeing
But seeing!

It’s not about righteousness or wickedness
But fulfilments.

Doesn’t matter if you are a believer or an infidel
It matters to live the life you have in hand.

Life is not about seeing
Seeing the similarities!

Perspective matters
Comparison fails.

When you see the world with shrewdness
That’s when you abstain from seeing.

Poor or rich, brave or fearful
Sad or happy, bright or dark

Life is about seeing
Seeing the antonyms.

The world is moving so are we
Nothing is still, nothing is in one state.

I am not right or better because I think.
You are not wrong or less because of what you said.

Life is about living up to your standards
Not to mine or someone else’s.

Hence, life is not about seeing
But seeing.


In explanation of ” All is Nothing but My Vanity!”