All about Nothing but My Vanity!

All is Nothing but my Vanity!


Knowing stuff is not enlightenment.
Enlightenment is a state.
You can’t make it, you can’t fake it, you can’t create it.
You’ll know if and when you get there.
And if not, that’s destiny.

Circular Quay
Waiting for P.J.

Gratitude is the beginning. That’s when one becomes a seeker.
To become a seeker doesn’t mean anything for most people. There is no promise, no destination and no end goal.

Written to K.Y. on 26/06

And eventually all of the above means nothing.
I think a lot and I think I am better than those who don’t. That’s my vanity.
God created us and he created the Devil.
What if he didn’t.
What if the devil is another power and it is actually winning?
Or what if the devil is another side of the God? A Ying and a Yang!
A star transforms into a Black-hole!

What if this is the truth? By knowing such a word ( truth) is the biggest deceit after all!

What matters, is the commitment, to god or to the devil, because at the end, they are both the different sides of one coin! Hence, the losers are those who stand indecisive in the middle, thinking and thinking and thinking.

What a game, what a world, what a logic!



The final thoughts of the day:

Then I see there are so many factors involved. A lot of antonyms such as:
Life vs death, force vs resistance,
Beauty vs ugliness, complex vs simple.
And ” God vs the devil” is only one of them.

It’s up to us to fixate on one of the antonyms and disregard the rest.

That world, that life is not very colourful is it?

Only a black and white while there are so many other colours underlie life and we “DECIDE” to close our eyes onto them.

I see the presence of antonyms as a different approach to life. To be able to see adjectives, mostly, have opposites.

Nothing is ultimate.
Praise the beauty of life as the ugliness of death awaits to appear.

Sorrow will fade away and happiness comes back as the day replaces the night and as the summer comes after the winter.

Don’t be so disheartened in the hardship as prosperity is on its way to ease off.

And finally beware this moment is transitory and dynamic and nothing is static and infinite.

It’s up to me to think and think and think,
If that thinking circumvents me from appreciating the existence of variabilities in antonyms, then it is futile.

That leads me to a life nothing but a black and white, a Ying and a Yang.
And I’d be nothing but a slave
And my life is nothing but a conviction.